Our People

At ACG, a dedicated group of professional educationalists are committed to creating schools and training institutes 'in a class of their own': That focus clearly on the learning needs of their students.

 Our people

ACG's original vision was to create a unique learning environment; one that would provide each student with the knowledge, skills and focus needed to prepare them for future success at university.

Today, ACG employs over 1,000 staff in three countries. ACG provides you with the opportunity to meet an experienced and talented team of educators, managers and support personnel who, through dedication, have created what is now a leading independent provider of educational services.

"Excellent teaching is at the heart of high quality learning. Students should be motivated by teachers who love their subject, are highly skilled in communicating their knowledge, enjoy what they are doing, and gain immense pleasure from working with young people. Schools should have a sense of purposeful industry along with the excitement that emanates from new experiences. They should be places where individuals feel valued and welcomed, and where each student feels appreciated and accepted.

At school, all students should be encouraged and challenged to do their very best.

Above all, schools should be places where learning is central to everyone".

John Graham and Dawn Jones, Co-founders, ACG.


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