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ACG receives Air New Zealand Cargo Exporter of the Year Award - Consultants & Services Category


ACG was the recipient of the Air New Zealand Cargo Exporter of the Year Award – Consultants & Services Category, at the annual awards ceremony held at the Auckland Langham Hotel on Friday 17th June 2011.

The Judging panel made the following comments:

ACG is an independent provider of educational services, offering programmes from Kindergarten to pre-University, with a focus on excellent academic outcomes and superior quality of service. Founded in 1994, ACG owns and operates seven schools in New Zealand, two in Viet Nam and one in Indonesia, with over 5,000 students and 500 teaching staff. Currently, ACG has over 1,100 international students from over 40 countries studying in New Zealand, plus 1,000 students at ACG schools in Viet Nam and 250 in Jakarta.


A factor in ACG's success has been the ability to identify and grasp market opportunities, an example being the acquisition of the Australian International School in Viet Nam. The Group has a strong asset base, owning all buildings it operates from, and has established a network of strategic partnerships with tertiary providers and other key agencies. The judges were impressed with ACG's uncompromising approach to quality in both education and service, underpinned by academic and management staff of the highest quality, an extremely effective head office operation and consistent policies and procedures across all facilities. This, together with high level support to students and staff and a comprehensive communication system, contributes directly to ACG's reputation and academic outcomes. This is an extremely well-run company, with a strong policy framework and a carefully planned strategy for sustainable growth, and was a clear stand-out for this export award.


Clarence van der Wel, Deputy Chief Executive, commented:

" We are delighted to have achieved this award. The Board and our CEO Ian King believed strongly in the opportunities that were available in the export market so over the past 15 years we have seen our export earnings grow from nothing to $40 million. NZ's annual education export earnings exceed $2 Billion so education is a significant contributor to the economy. ACG is proud to be part of this industry and we look forward to further growth in the years ahead.


We are in an exciting industry as it is our job to shape young minds and characters so that attitudes to learning and life are bred, which will ultimately have an influence on the world at large. ACG provides a clear educational philosophy focussing on the individual where students are encouraged to develop a passion for learning with the focus on excellence. It is this vision for education that gives the ACG a strong sense of purpose and drives further expansion in New Zealand and overseas. It is this vision that has enabled ACG to achieve much in only a few short years.


I would like to acknowledge the ACG Board and our hard working staff, many of whom have been with ACG from the beginning. Ultimately they are the people that have made ACG what it is today – a highly successful and strongly focused education company".

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