Ian King

Ian King

Managing Director & CEO



Ian King began his career in education at Waikato University where he obtained his teaching degree. His early teaching experience saw him in appointments at Avondale College and Kelston Boys' High School.

He also spent time teaching at Auckland Grammar School, where he was elected to the board on the back of his Tomorrow's School initiative.

Ian's experience with international students in his early teaching experience formed the foundation for his future involvement with international school programmes.


ACG Career

Ian joined ACG in 1994 as Associate Principal and Business Manager. His role then was based around recruitment of offshore students and development of an international programme for the University of Auckland. Ian's drive and the resulting success of the programme led to a major influx of students from China, putting ACG in the position to expand its schools.

ACG developed ACG Junior College which is now ACG Parnell College and ACG Strathallan College. Ian King was instrumental in the company's growth and in the growing focus on international programmes and students.

Ian led ACG in the development of its first international school in Vietnam. Relocating to Ho Chi Minh City, Ian took on the challenge of getting ACG International School Vietnam up and running. ACG also took over the majority of the ownership of the Australian International School in Saigon.

Ian became CEO of ACG in 2000 and as a leader he has offered both his visionary and management skills to great benefit for ACG and its Schools. Revenue has increased significantly under his leadership from approx. 4.8 million to 52.7 million with assets and exports growing exponentially too in the last 10 years. 

Ian's commitment to the vision that underpins all of ACG's operations is second to none. His focus remains on delivering quality to all stakeholders including the 5,000 ACG students throughout New Zealand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Ian King was a finalist in the 2009 International Business Leader of the Year Awards. This award is presented to the business leader who has achieved the greatest contribution to NZ exports.


In 2012, Ian was appointed Executive Chairman.