Nathan_VillarsNathan Villars

College Principal, ACG Sunderland 

Nathan Villars was educated on the North Shore, completing a double major Science Degree in Geology and Geography at the University of Auckland and then a Post Graduate study in Teaching.

He has taught in a range of schools, both state and independent in nature. Nathan's last appointment before joining Sunderland as College Principal was Deputy Headmaster of Westlake Boys where he ran the curriculum and all things teaching and learning including the implementation of the Cambridge qualifications.

Nathan is a keen sportsman, winning national titles in the sport of Rowing. In recent years he has competed in Ironman and is a keen cyclist, introducing the sport to ACG Sunderland in 2008.

Nathan's appointment as Sunderland College Principal in 2007 saw the College grow both in numbers and with its subject specialisation. The character of the College; academically, pastorally and socially has matured significantly under Nathan's stewardship and continues to make a name for itself in the West Auckland community.

Sunderland is proud of becoming part of the ACG group of schools at the beginning of 2010; the synergy of both was clear from the outset and the partnership continues to blossom.


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