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Stuart Tasker



Dr Stuart Tasker


PhD, PGDipEd, PGCertEd, PGDipTchg, BSc

A wealth of experience in teaching and managing schools around the globe is one of the many assets that Dr Stuart Tasker has brought with him as a Principal of ACG School Jakarta. As well as managing schools in Thailand, China and New Zealand, Dr Tasker has been involved in Academic Colleges Group (ACG) in New Zealand. He says he is happy to be back in the familiar realm of ACG, and is looking forward to applying his considerable experience to the new challenge that ACG School Jakarta presents. “A great school looks to develop and continually improve,” he says. “It looks at ways to enhance its current offering and then to adapt, because it has the ability and expertise to do so. With the wealth of expertise and enthusiasm at ACG School Jakarta, and also available within the ACG group, we have all the necessary elements to be considered a great school.” Having moved his own family with him around the world, Dr Tasker has first-hand experience of both sides of international school life. He is confident that ACG School Jakarta provides outstanding support for its new students and parents. “Moving to a new city and a new school is a tumultuous time for a family, and parents must be sure they are getting a supportive and caring environment for their children,” he says. “The wonderful thing about our school is that most of our students has either been new relatively recently, or has a friend that has, and understand what it is like. They’re very welcoming and supportive - and this ethos of support underlies everything that we do.” As for his role as leader of the school, Dr Tasker says it is fundamentally quite simple: to create an environment in which children want to learn: “The most important thing about education, for me, is the experience the child has at school. I know already that I am determined for the children of the school to enjoy their learning and to be given every opportunity to realise their potential - both academically and personally. In this, I’m in a fortunate position. I can make a difference.”

Sarah Jane Green


Sarah-Jane Green 


MA, BA (Hons)

Sarah-Jane is the Vice Principal of ACG School Jakarta where she has a particular focus in the Primary. Originally from Bristol in England, Sarah-Jane has been working internationally for over fifteen years, in a range of settings and with various curriculums, including the IB Primary Years Programme. Her extensive experience of working with children reinforces her belief that all children, when nurtured and inspired, have the potential to do amazing things. She loves to see students have the opportunity to shine, whether it is through the arts, on the sports field or in the classroom. Along with her passion for education she has a passion for travel and experiencing new cultures and, with her husband Spencer, is excited to explore the diverse and beautiful Indonesian archipelago.

Melinda Joyce Mawson Ryan


Melinda Mawson-Ryan

Senior Teacher

BEd, PGDipTchg

Melinda brings to the school more than thirty years' experience in a range of educational contexts including mainstream, special education and curriculum development. She has a particular interest in student assessment having developed assessments and analysed results for Australian State, National and also international forums. Melinda arrived in Jakarta in July 2013 and is enthusiastic about her position as Senior Teacher in English Language Support (ELS) and Special Educational Needs (SEN). She is passionate about teaching and encouraging life-long learning and leads a team focussed on improving outcomes for our students. She enjoys traveling and is active in her free time exploring the wonderful country of Indonesia by train, boat and foot.

Bianca Cheshire


Bianca Cheshire

Senior Teacher

BA (Hons)

Bianca, one of ACG School Jakarta's longest serving teachers, has special responsibility for supporting the IB Primary Years Programme throughout the School. Her bicultural background from Holland and England has given her a great interest in cultural diversity. This diversity of students within her classroom is a feature that Bianca recognises and employs in her teaching methods and learning programmes. Bianca has extensive experience in the IB Primary Years Programme. Her love of working with the primary years children is reflected in her classroom which is richly resourced for creative exploration. Bianca strives to prepare her students for their future education and instil in them a love of learning.



Lindsey Hoogesteger


Before Lindsey came to Jakarta she lived in Tilburg, The Netherlands where she taught at a kindergarten for five years. Lindsey’s master’s degree was in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and she is a specialist in the motor development of children in Primary. Lindsey joined ACG School Jakarta in January 2014. She says that she loves to teach in Kindergarten as the children are so pure and creative at this age. She finds it really important that every child has a warm welcome so they can feel comfortable and settle in quickly to the Kindergarten. Her first goal to achieve with new students is for each child to enjoy school. Outside of school, Lindsey likes to play tennis, travel around the country and dine out.

Veronica Martin 


Veronica was born in Bandung, Indonesia and grew up in Jakarta. After completing her schooling in Jakarta she moved to Adelaide, South Australia, a place she called home for the next nine years. Veronica studied Early Childhood Education at the University of South Australia and began working with children between the ages of 6 months to 5 years.
Veronica and her husband Wayne, a fellow teacher at ACG School Jakarta, decided to move to Jakarta in 2012, soon after the birth of their first child. Since then they have welcomed a second child. Veronica believes that play is crucial to a child’s development in the Early Years and she develops an exciting programme for the children in her care, incorporating her love of dance and music. Outside of school Veronica enjoys experiencing the diverse culinary experience that Jakarta has to offer. She can also be seen ferrying her boys to their various sporting activities!


Febriana Tanudjaja 


Febriana grew up in the Gold Coast, Queensland and enjoys going to the beach. Before coming to Jakarta, Febriana taught in Australia, Taiwan, South Korea and China. She loves being in the classroom and believes working with children is a privilege. Febriana is very excited about being back in Jakarta and has enjoyed getting reacquainted with its language and culture. She enjoys being outdoors and exploring new places.


Caoimhe Buckley


Before Caoimhe came to Jakarta, she travelled extensively throughout Asia. Along with her travels, she fell in love with the people and culture of Indonesia and decided to stay. Previous to this, Caoimhe taught Kindergarten for five years in Dublin, Ireland. She also has experience teaching English as a Second Language both in Ireland and overseas. Caoimhe joined ACG School Jakarta in January 2015 and she loves teaching Year 3 as it is exciting to be a part of the children’s learning journey at such a flourishing age. Her objective is to create an exciting and rich learning environment in her classroom. Outside of school, Caoimhe enjoys hiking in Indonesia’s countryside.


David O'Shea


David comes from Australia and has worked internationally for nine years in South East Asia. After David graduated from Griffith University he worked in schools as a classroom teacher in Queensland, Australia before moving to Thailand and then Vietnam where he taught Physical Education and Science. At ACG School Jakarta David has found the students to be enthusiastic about their learning and his classroom can be described as fun, colourful and energetic. In his spare time he loves to play many different sports, especially Australian Football.


Marc Fortier 

BEd, BMgmt

Marc is a teacher that has fallen in love with Indonesia and its culture. He has been teaching in Indonesia for nine years in both Kindergarten and Primary. As a teacher, he strives to energize, motivate and inspire his students. He welcomes mistakes, as this encourages children to take risks; which in turn provides them with the opportunities they need to be creative. In his spare time Marc enjoys doing capoeira, a Brazilian martial art and he enjoys performing with his capoeira group at different events around Indonesia.


Michelle Quigley 


Michelle Quigley was born and raised in Ireland. She studied in Glasgow where she obtained her BA (Hons) Degree in Psychology with Sociology. Michelle returned to Ireland where she volunteered for ‘Women’s Aid’ and worked part-time as an Assistant Lecturer in Psychology & Sociology for 2.5 years. She returned to study and obtained her PGCE - Post Graduate certificate in Education (Primary) in Liverpool, UK. Michelle has taught in a wide range of countries over the last 12.5 years including; the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. She has gained invaluable experience whilst teaching in a diverse range of countries delivering different curricula. Michelle has lived in and worked in Jakarta for 3 years with her husband. She enjoys the rich diverse culture and beautiful travel destinations that Indonesia has to offer.


Darren Aitchison 

BTchLn (Primary)

Darren was born and raised in New Zealand’s garden city, Christchurch, and had taught a range of different age levels at various schools for six years in New Zealand before settling in Indonesia, where he has been living and teaching for the past five years. He thrives on the experiences and challenges that expatriate living brings, and embraces the friendly and humble ways of the local Indonesian people. Darren’s classroom environment and teaching style cater for a diverse range of learning needs and abilities, and he takes pride in his important role of supporting and guiding his students through the inquiry process as they prepare for their future. Outside of school life, Darren enjoys watching and playing rugby, where he is an active participant in the Jakarta Komodo senior team. In his spare time he likes to watch movies and play guitar.


Spencer Green

BEd (Hons)

Spencer is a highly experienced Primary teacher and this year is working with the Year 6 team. He has been teaching internationally since 2001, when he left his safe and secure job in England in an effort to seek adventure overseas. Russia was his first international teaching appointment and it offered many life changing opportunities, not least of all, meeting his wife Sarah-Jane. From there he has taught in Thailand, Brunei, USA, Spain, The Bahamas and now Indonesia. The range of international schools has provided Spencer with great insight and experience of a number of different curricula. Outside of class Spencer explores his creative potential and is a gifted artist and photographer and he always seeks ways to bring this creativity into the classroom. Spencer is a great story teller and he looks forward to the day when life allows him to write them all down in a book.


Elizabeth Wayne


Elizabeth joined ACG School Jakarta at the beginning 2013. Prior to her arrival, Elizabeth taught for 18 years in the Queensland education system. She enjoys immensely the vibrant multi-cultural environment of her classroom. She has experience teaching in a variety of year levels, and is dedicated to integrating the Arts and ICT across all key learning areas.
Elizabeth’s diverse career background arms her with all the skills to enrich her students’ learning. She holds high expectations of them all and monitors closely their needs and progress. Outside of school, Elizabeth enjoys studying, being an active participant in matters of civic duty and campaigns for environmental sustainability and historical preservation.


Mike Kostera 

MEd, PGCertIntEd, GDipEd, BA

Mike Kostera has taught at international schools in Australia, China and Indonesia. After completing a Graduate Diploma of Education, in 2007, he then completed a Graduate Certificate of International Education and Masters of Education, with a focus on the Primary Years Programme. He enjoys learning new skills like riding a motorbike, scuba diving and speaking Bahasa Indonesia. His favourite holiday destination is anywhere in Europe, where so many diverse cultures exist side-by-side and travel is relatively easy. In the past, he has taught all the primary levels, as well as specialist subjects like Physical Education, Bahasa Indonesia and Art.


Mike Windfohr-Byrne 


Michael is an enthusiastic, caring and experienced Primary and English teacher from Bristol, England. He began teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) in South Korea in 2002 after completing his CELTA qualifications in Seville, Spain. Michael then went on to teach EAL for another six years in Singapore. After eight years in Asia and working mostly with children Michael realised his passion was for Primary teaching and working with children. He then took a Masters in Primary Teaching at Melbourne University and spent the next three years teaching Years 4 to 6 at a primary school in North Melbourne. In Australia Michael specialised in literacy, numeracy and football coaching. He takes great pride in the success of his students whether it is in football tournaments or in the striking progress in their literacy and numeracy levels.


Wayne Martin 


Wayne has great rapport with his students and knows each one of them thoroughly. The development of educative relationships with his students is of primary importance to him. He believes that before a child can grow academically their social, emotional and physical needs must also be met. Wayne has developed many strategies for developing students social skills and this is a particular interest for him. Before joining the ACG School community, Wayne taught at a number of different school in Adelaide, South Australia. He enjoys working with the PYP Framework, particularly its focus of the development of internationally-minded students. Having lived in Indonesia for the past three years, along with his wife Veronica, as well as their two boys, Wayne truly feels Indonesia is his home away from home. Outside of school Wayne enjoys spending time with his family, and experiencing the different tastes of Jakarta’s food culture.


Dan Gittins 


Dan is a British secondary school teacher and has substantial experience teaching English and humanities subjects in England where he has served as Head of English and Humanities Faculty and Head of Gifted and Talented Education. He has joined ACG School Jakarta from living and teaching in the Sultanate of Brunei where he taught for five years. Dan has experience of managing and teaching a range of English and humanities subjects at Key Stages 3 and 4 in England, developing curriculum strategies and materials. He has served as a member of the English Language Curriculum Development Committee at the Ministry of Education in Brunei for the lower secondary level. Indeed, he was part of a working group which established the country’s first common assessment tasks in English for lower secondary education in Brunei. Dan has also served the Bruneian Ministry of Education as Chief Oral Examiner for IGCSE English Second Language and as an oral examiner for GCE ‘O’ Level English. Outside of school, Dan enjoys going to the gym, swimming, playing tennis, reading, writing, cooking and world history. Dan has also just written his first novel.


Katherine Mitchell 


Katherine has been teaching for over 13 years in different countries and with various curricula. More recently she has taught the IB Diploma programme and IGCSE. She is an examiner for the IGCSE First Language English papers, an Oral examiner for IGCSE First Language English and an online facilitator for the IB Diploma. Katherine has lived and worked in Jakarta for six years and at ACG School Jakarta she has taught both English and Humanities. She enjoys swimming, cycling, reading and both trail and road running. Katherine has completed marathons here in Jakarta and also done many other runs and triathlons around Asia. She also enjoys travelling and is on the lookout for new places of interest to visit.


Russell Swann


Russell is teaching Business Studies and Humanities at ACG School Jakarta. He has lived and worked in Indonesia for nine years. Russell enjoys the one-on-one interaction with students that his small class sizes enable. In class, he employs an inquiry-oriented approach that focuses on teamwork, debate, evaluating and decision making. Organising education based adventure camps and leading on community service opportunities for the students means he is always busy, but fulfilled. Russell also began ACG School Jakarta’s first Humanities Exhibition in 2013 which is now an annual event. In his free-time, Russell enjoys exploring areas of Jakarta and nearby districts.


Elizabeth Zans


Elizabeth began her teaching career in New York City where she worked as a visiting artist and teacher in public schools. She has recently arrived in Jakarta after six years in Africa working in an IB Primary Years Programme in Nairobi, Kenya and a middle school and IB Diploma Programme in Cairo, Egypt. She is passionate about the visual arts and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm and affinity for the creative world with her students. When she is not teaching Elizabeth is working in her studio painting and drawing. Her work is represented by Kathleen Cullen Gallery in New York City and is in the flat file collection at Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.


Allison Walsh 


At ACG School Jakarta Allison teaches Science and Mathematics. Previously Allison worked for six years in secondary schools in sunny Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where she also helped to develop the new national science curriculum in Scotland, she was also an examiner for the Scottish Qualifications Authority. Allison enjoys developing a good rapport with pupils within her classroom, and believes this is essential for student learning. Allison has a great interest in the learning that also takes place outside the classroom.


Sophia Afghan


Sophia really enjoys teaching Science and Mathematics, she taught for seven years in Australia and prior to that Sophia worked in adult education and as a workplace assessor and tutor. Sophia has managed training programmes for migrant women in Australia, where she obtained a Certificate of Workplace Assessment. Sophia has a great interest in supporting language development in the mathematics and science classrooms. Sophia has always been passionate about working with children of all ages, helping them to build on their strengths during these crucial years of their school life. In her free time Sophia likes to cook, read, travel and spending time with her family.


Iqbal Muchtar

MEd, BEd

Iqbal teaches Bahasa Indonesia to middle and high school students at ACG School Jakarta. His teaching career has been varied with experience in adult education, music instruction and information technology. He is enjoying immensely the multi-cultural nature of our students and uses a wide range of strategies to make the language ‘come alive’. Outside of school he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as being session drummer for various home bands, traveling, reading and watching movies.


Febrian Aristianto  

BEd, DipSocSci

Febrian started teaching in 2001, where his first teaching experience was teaching Playgroup and Sunday school. He recently started the formal teaching of Bahasa Indonesia while here at ACG School Jakarta. Febrian enjoys being in our multicultural environment and loves to spread ‘all the good news about Indonesia’ through teaching Indonesia’s culture. He always tries to keep his life balanced with spending time with his family and enjoying his social life.


Ikah Atikah  

BA, Teaching Cert.

Ikah is a Jakarta native with a special interest in the learning of language - especially English. She studied English in Bangkok, Thailand for 3 years to receive a diploma and then continued her passion by taking her bachelor’s degree in English literature here in Jakarta. The enjoyment she has in dealing with children led her to become a teacher. Ikah has spent 10 years working with the PYP Curriculum and enjoys being in the multicultural environment we have here at ACG School Jakarta, where she can also learn about different cultures and language. The learning process, by engaging children in mostly hands on activities is particularly enjoyable for her. In her free time she loves to listen to music and enjoying the Jakarta culinary opportunities!


Joanne Dickinson 


Joanne arrived in Indonesia in the 1990s, when she quickly became enamoured by its rich culture and diversity, and decided to make Jakarta her home. Drawing on more than 25 years’ experience in teaching ELS, as well as working as a Learning Support Teacher, Joanne has developed strong principles about teaching and learning. Her master’s degree is in Materials Development and she is a certified autism specialist, she believes learning experiences need to engage the emotions of students through materials and activities which are contextually rich and meaningful. In her lessons she strives to help students respond to learning experiences with their emotions, attitudes, opinions and ideas: vital for durable learning. This teaching approach also helps students develop a positive attitude to the learning while improving their self-esteem. Joanne is a passionate advocate of inclusive education and that given the correct support, and use of teaching strategies and materials, every student can reach their potential.


Dina Ulfa


Dina continued her studies in French literature and education after leaving school. She had a passion with teaching English for speakers of other languages and so she earned her Cambridge TESOL. Dina feels that language provides the perfect way to blend her interests in language, culture, history and education. She started teaching as an ELS teacher at ACG School Jakarta in 2012. She has spent over eight years working with international students and has welcomed the opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds with a range of ability. She has worked with various ages and levels of English language learners ranging from beginning to advanced students. She loves learning and always tries her best to make learning fun for her students. She believes that the best way to learn a language is to use it. Dina also uses technology in the classroom to enhance the learning experiences.

Watching movies, reading, hiking and travelling are some of the many things that Dina enjoys doing in her spare time with her little family.


Dinda Adriana

BA, BEd, PGDipTchg

Dinda started teaching English in 2000 and has taught students in international communities and of different age groups and backgrounds. She has taught a wide variety of courses such as General English, Academic Writing and English Conversation. Dinda is also experienced in teaching test preparations courses such as TOEFL and IELTS. Dinda joined ACG School Jakarta in July 2012 with more than twelve years of teaching experience. Dinda is committed to teaching and life-long learning. She always creates a supportive and motivated learning environment for the students to learn. Dinda enjoys reading, travelling, and movies. She loves spending her weekends with her husband and her son. She likes to travel around Indonesia and other countries to explore beautiful and exciting places.


Laura Said 

MA, BSocSci, CertCommSt

Laura was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, upon graduating from high school she decided to be globally competitive. She then pursued a higher education in Auckland, New Zealand and then in New Jersey, U.S.A. Prior to joining ACG School Jakarta, she worked for a number of major corporations within their marketing communications departments. She became an expert in producing newsletters, press releases, marketing collateral, and managing corporate events. Laura believes in preparing students to be global scholars and active members of the international workforce. Therefore, discussions and presentations are highly encouraged in her classes. In her leisure time, Laura enjoys spending quality time with her family, reading, baking, and listening to Latin and jazz music.


Nana Chalid 

BEd, DipBusAdmin, PGCE

Nana was born and raised in Jakarta, and has taught a range of different age levels in both national and international schools for more than ten years in Jakarta. Nana joined ACG School Jakarta in 2014 as an English Language Support (ELS) teacher. Her interest are all language focussed, especially reading, writing and the language acquisition of second language learners. She sees teaching as a very rewarding job and takes pride in seeing the massive progress that students make during each year. Nana believes that motivating students is the key to engaging them in their learning. Nana loves studying and is continuing her master’s degree in educational research. In her free time she enjoys traveling and visiting new places, learning about different cultures, reading good literature, dining out and socialising with friends and family.


Rob Moors 

BBTcmptg, BEd

Rob grew up in Sydney, Australia and began his professional practice there. He has worked extensively in schools introducing ‘laptops for students’ projects into the curriculum. Rob has spent the past 15 years in South East Asia, continuing his passion for the use of technology in education. Rob believes that it is critical for today’s students to have a sound understanding of technology as it becomes increasingly prevalent in their lives.


Heri Kurniawan

BBusMan, DipLibMan

Heri has worked as a school librarian in international schools in Jakarta over the past five years. His interest and passion in children’s literature and literacy leads him to work in this field of education. During his university life, Heri had a great curiosity in internationalism and represented his university at international student conferences in South Korea and Norway. His involvement in literary organisations has inspired him to publish two young adult fiction books in Bahasa Indonesia. His passion for writing extends to short stories, articles, essays, and involvement in book events throughout Jakarta. Heri’s working day at ACG School Jakarta is evenly divided between the roles of school librarian and teaching information literacy skills. As a teacher he has the opportunities to support students’ at an essential stage of their life, which he finds very satisfying. Heri works collaboratively with classroom teachers to ensure that the information literacy skill programme supports the curriculum in an energetic and enjoyable way. During his leisure time, Heri is an avid reader, especially reading his fantasy genre book collection. Additionally he enjoys traveling, musical dramas and cinema. Heri considers himself fortunate to be in the field of education.


Mark Graham


Although new to ACG School Jakarta this year, Mark has been in Jakarta for the past thirteen years. During this time, he has worked in numerous teaching and leadership positions at various educational institutions. Most recently, Mark spent the last five years at another international school in Jakarta. He has a passion for English grammar and has written a reference book on the subject, 'Boom! English Grammar Made Easy', which was published in Indonesia and the Middle East. He is also an accredited examiner for the IB Diploma Programme for English. This year, Mark will be teaching English for Years 8 to 11. He looks forward to creating a collaborative and supportive learning environment for his students. Outside the classroom, Mark is a passionate supporter of Liverpool FC, he also enjoys eating out and writing; he combines these passions by writing restaurant reviews for The Jakarta Globe newspaper. His three children are also now in Primary at ACG School Jakarta.


Ryan McPhee

MEd, BEd, BA

Ryan has taught in international schools in Vietnam, Thailand and Brazil. He is new to Indonesia this year and is very happy to be teaching at ACG School Jakarta. He has experience teaching Physical Education, Science, and Technology courses, mostly at the secondary level.  He has also been a coach for many years in various sports, primarily basketball and swimming.  His objective is to instil a lifelong interest in health and physical activity in his students.  He enjoys travelling on his motorbike, fantasy football and playing golf in his free time.


Graeme Foster


Before Graeme arrived in Jakarta he had worked in IB schools in both Vietnam and Kenya. He has also taught at the tertiary level in New Zealand, Bhutan and Vietnam. Prior to entering the teaching profession Graeme worked in information technology as a system developer. Graeme enjoys walking, particularly uphill, and so is looking forward to exploring some of Indonesia’s volcanos. Graeme enjoys mathematics and mathematical puzzles and he would like to see all students reach their potential in mathematics. He enjoys the occasional book and when time permits he still dabbles in computer programming.


Lastari Sumitro


Lastari has a wealth of experience as a Teacher-Librarian having worked for more than 20 years in international schools in both Bogor and Bandung. She has written and developed curricula for information literacy across all year levels. Lastari has a deep understanding of how information literacy skills develop as children move through primary school. Lastari liaises closely with the class teachers to decide on the aspects of their units of inquiry that will be taught as part of the library skills programme, as well as developing the library materials and other resources to ensure the continuity throughout the educational programme at ACG School Jakarta. Lastari has worked as a volunteer in a number of aid projects, most recently with Face This Foundation, a Dutch aid agency, as their Indonesian local coordinator. She also worked supporting underprivileged children in the rural areas surrounding Bogor, focussing on generating funding to develop their educational facilities.


David Brundage


David began teaching in Montreal, Canada in 2000. After 10 years, he moved to Tianjin, China for his first international posting. He has taught Mathematics from Year 6 all the way through to Year 13, as well as coached basketball, volleyball and track and field teams. One of the most satisfying aspects to David's job is helping students to see the natural link between concepts studied in Mathematics class and the real world.
Dave loves to travel, and is looking forward to exploring as much of Indonesia as he can.


JC Pramudia Natal 


JC’s life is a reflection of his open-minded and versatile musicianship. Being from a Javanese, Sundanese and Dutch background, JC’s experienced five Indonesian cities during his childhood. Joining ACG School Jakarta in 2012, JC’s career spans more than 10 years, teaching and performing in the arts and music. It has ranged from his role as the organist at his local church to choir performances on the international stage. His love of teaching has seen JC guiding classroom learning with everyone from groups of adults through to enthusiast three years old. JC’s multicultural childhood shaped his values and attitudes towards music. He believes that every person, no matter their background, is ‘musical’ in a unique way. That the ultimate goal of a music class is for every individual to find and live their own ‘rhythm’ and ‘harmony’, in a socially harmonious ways. Outside of school JC enjoys having time with his family and also learning, either through online courses or just writing and sharing music.


Jaka Andrea

MEd, BEd, Teaching Cert.

Jaka is a K-12 certified Physical Education Teacher. He graduated from Yogyakarta State University with a Bachelor of Education degree in Physical Education (Teacher Certification concentration). In 2016, he graduated from the Jakarta State University with a Master of Education Degree in Sport. Jaka is an enthusiastic sportsman with a passion and enthusiasm for the role emerging technologies play within teaching and learning and considers himself a “PE Geek”. He has a passion for kids and teaching quality physical education lessons that will empower students to be the best they can be. He sees being a PE teacher as a great opportunity to have a positive impact on children. Jaka uses all his spare time on some form of physical fitness and he enjoys coaching just as much as participating.


Dhani Saputra

Dhani has been a member of the staff at ACG School Jakarta since 2010. He is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher, enjoying working with our youngest students in particular. Dhani is active and healthy and has taken part in martial arts competitions himself and has also coached many sports. At ACG School Jakarta Dhani teaches Physical Education and Swimming, he particularly enjoys coaching ACG School Jakarta football teams and help to run the organisation of games and events.


David Firdaus 


David holds a Bachelor of Education Degree in Physical Education from Jakarta University. He enjoys teaching swimming at ACG School Jakarta and likes to help students achieve their full potential in a fun way. He is passionate about teaching physical education and coaching competitive swimming. David holds a national coaching degree in swimming and has had great success with his swim teams at Asia Pacific level. He has had swimmers win gold medals at both the Asian School Games and the ASEAN School Games in Thailand. David is also interested in developing swimming skills for disabilities and is a member of the Jakarta Paralympics committee. Outside of the swimming pool, David loves hockey, badminton and mountain biking.


Administration Staff

 Jakarta Administration
The Front Desk staff with Dr Tasker. Left to right, Ms Mia, Ms Septa, Dr Tasker, Ms Ika, Ms Tia.

Ms Mia - Senior Sales Assistant and Admission

Ms Ika - Administrative Assistant 

Ms Tia - Administrative Assistant

Ms Septa - Administrative Assistant



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