Y1 - model of a home


The Year One students have been learning lots of exciting things about homes during their Unit of Inquiry, ‘Where we are in Place and Time’.

Mr Vishal


ACG School Jakarta Year 6 students have learnt about how economics work from a guest speaker, Mr. Vishal. Sama, a Year 6A student reports.

IMG 0368


Students went to the opening of an exhibition titled “Market Square”. This show included the influential German artist Tobias Rehberger (winner of the Golden Lion award at the Venice Bienniale) and Indonesian artist Ade Darmawan who is the founder of the Jakarta based artist’s collective Ruangrupa. The two artists explored the idea of exhibiting art in the Tibet market and the potential for the market to be experienced in a new and unfamiliar way.

What goes where


The end of every unit is the start of a brand new noticeboard. The end of this unit for the YR 11 students highlights The Great Gatsby

Stories from Other Cultures - the finished product


Year 8’s second unit last term was to design and create a ‘Big Book’.  Students worked together in pairs with the ultimate aim to then read their books to both Kindergarten and Primary Students, which they did during Book Week. 

Jade - 6A - Overall Winner


Recently the year 6 students participated in the Speaking Up Competition as part of their unit of inquiry: How the world works.

Creating and labelling landforms


The focus in Humanities this term is on Geography.  One aspect of this is describing the physical features of a region. 

Renewable energy presentation 1


The year 11 scientists have been tackling the topic of renewable energy and learning about the issues surrounding the use of fossil fuels and their impact on the planet. 

Fruit Batteries 2 Class 9.2


The Year 9 Scientists have been learning about electricity. They have undertaken an investigation into making batteries from different fruits and vegetables and then measuring the voltage produced. 

The Enormous crocodile


Ms. Tilly’s class have been reading ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ by Roald Dahl.

Year 9 Humanities 9


Year 9 Humanities students are investigating the nature of colonial rule in India leading up to decolonization.

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ACG School Jakarta Mr McPhee's Year 7 Science studies were working on effective bridge designs and created some excellent models.
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