Chesney Andari Collyer



Chesney Colleyer

I’m an "old timer" at ACG School Jakarta and each day I come to love this school more and more. Firstly, the teachers are amazing. Not only do they give you an education unlike other institutions, but they also give you the extra attention if needed which you don’t normally get in international schools. I always come to school with a smile on my face, ready to learn and challenge myself. Secondly, the vibe I get when I’m under ACG grounds is familiarity and safety. I feel secure with the people around me,  and my surroundings, so  I just enjoy school a whole lot better that way. Everyone’s family here always has eachother's backs.


Jasmine Jevera Wells



Jasmine Wells

This is only my second year at ACG School Jakarta and honestly, it feels like I’ve been here forever. The first time I came to ACG, I was greeted like I’ve never been before. the teachers here are amazing and they pay attention to every single student. I’ve got such lovely friends and ACG’s facilities are superb. I honestly wouldn’t want to move to any other school because I’ve got everything I would want here. When I’m at school I see smiles all around and I’ve come to realise every day is how beautiful ACG’s community is and how safe I feel at ACG School Jakarta.



ACG School Jakarta Mr McPhee's Year 7 Science studies were working on effective bridge designs and created some excellent models. https://t.co/HahT6GE813
ACG School Jakarta Sherlock comes to save the assembly today! #sherlockholmesday #acgjakarta https://t.co/o6twfoA0hY
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