The Winn-Burton family

ACG School Jakarta has helped our sons to excel with great teaching and a nurturing environment.


ACG School Jakarta has offered our sons more than an education - it offered a school community in which they feel confident to take risks, seek knowledge and explore the world around them.

Committed teachers; conveniently located; small class size; and a nurturing educational environment: for us these criteria were all met by ACG School Jakarta.


Kind regards

Sarah Winn-Burton


ACG School Jakarta Brotherly love in the form of Keita the Birthday Bunny visiting his brother Tomoki.
ACG School Jakarta Sheldon received his Certificate of Citizenship today from Aanav in Year 7 - the winner of the competition to name…
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ACG School Jakarta

Address: Jl.Warung Jati Barat No 19

Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan - 12510, Indonesia


Phone: +62 21 2978 0200