Enrolment Procedure 

Enrolment at ACG School Jakarta consists of three stages:

Please contact us with any enquiries and to arrange a personal guided tour of our campus. To apply, please provide the completed Application Form, Medical Record, supporting documentation and application fee to one of our Enrolment Officers, or start the process by enrolling online. We will then arrange an interview with you and your son / daughter, and your child may be asked to complete an assessment of their English language skills. It is preferred that all students and parents have an interview with the Principal prior to their arrival. However due consideration is given to those families relocating to Indonesia. Prior support is offered through either email or skype contact.

We will confirm the offer of place for your son / daughter at ACG School Jakarta in writing. This will also include the Contract of Enrolment and Request for Payment.

To complete your son's / daughter's enrolment, we require your acceptance of the Contract of Enrolment, and the payment of the required fees. Your son / daughter may now attend ACG School Jakarta.

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School visits and guided tours

You are most welcome to visit the School to meet our staff, learn more about ACG School Jakarta and discuss your family's educational needs.


Making an application

To make an application to ACG School Jakarta, please complete the Application Form and forward it to the School. Please enclose any material that may provide additional information to support the application (such as a recent school report). A copy of the student's birth certificate or passport is also requested at the time of application. An Application Fee is payable to the School upon submission of the Application Form.


When to apply

Most applications are considered in the year of application. Applicants will normally be interviewed before a place is offered, although this requirement may be waived at the discretion of the School. Applications for the current school year are welcomed.



An interview provides an opportunity to learn more about each student and to assess his/her attitude, sense of personal responsibility and motivation. It is also an
opportunity to find out more about the School. The interview will last about thirty minutes and will be with the Principal or a senior member of the Administration.

Before an interview takes place, it would be helpful to have a copy of any current school reports and results of any external examinations and qualifications gained (where applicable). For senior students, we welcome the opportunity to view any work produced as part of previous study.


Entry criteria

Before applications are approved, students will be assessed for their willingness to extend themselves, their openness to new ideas and their ability to cope with the course of study proposed. 

For senior students, the academic record should show an ability to sustain a course of study at their chosen level. Students may select a course from subjects at different levels provided these are suited to their abilities and they meet any prerequisites for study. 

Senior students will also require a level of fluency and competency in English which allows them to understand classroom instruction easily and to express themselves confidently in both oral and written situations. 

The School provides excellent English language teaching. Students whose first language is not English are very welcome. Such students will be assessed and provided with a suitable course to meet their English needs. This will be done through extra classes or by alternate English classes during the School programme. Students are integrated into mainstream classes with ELS support by qualified teachers. ACG School Jakarta is committed to meeting the needs of both fluent speakers (who need to progress without hindrance) and to separately meet the needs of students who require English support.

 Students will usually be advised of the result of their application within seven days of any interview. If a place is offered, acceptance must be confirmed in writing and the Development Fee paid by the date specified.

 Enrolment checklist July 2015

For information please contact ACG School Jakarta at +62 21 780 5636 or [email protected]

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