Scholarships at ACG School Jakarta

ACG School Jakarta invites families to make an appointment to enquire about the various forms of scholarships available annually for students.



Limited Scholarships are available for families who are experiencing hardships in meeting the nominated tuition fees due to being self-funding. Families are encouraged to contact the Finance Director on enrolment for more specific information, and need to apply annually prior to the invoice period in Term Four. Scholarships are not automatically continued from one year to the next.

We also offer priority placement and scholarships to families transferring from other ACG Schools in either Vietnam or New Zealand.

ACG School Jakarta encourages and supports nominated academic students to apply for scholarships to complete their academic studies in New Zealand and offers an extended pathway for educational studies. Please contact ACG School Jakarta for further information.

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ACG School Jakarta Mr McPhee's Year 7 Science studies were working on effective bridge designs and created some excellent models.
ACG School Jakarta Sherlock comes to save the assembly today! #sherlockholmesday #acgjakarta
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ACG School Jakarta

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Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan - 12510, Indonesia


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