Apr 14


Visit to Balis only government school for woodcarving


The Secondary 2014-2015 Camp to Bali gave great experiences for every student that participated. We left our hotel (the Swiss BelInn) each morning to face physical, emotional and mental challenges.

Mar 25




Today was a wonderful celebration of learning in the Primary School as students hosted their Student Led Conferences.

Mar 24


ACG School Jakarta Girl Scouts 3


On Saturday 23rd March, ACG School Jakarta were delighted to support the Girl Scouts troop based at the school.

Mar 22


Wet the teacher fundraiser 2


Following on from the success of last year’s event, the school council organised a ‘wet the teacher day’ to help raise money for the gamelan fund. 

Mar 18

Swimming carnivals

ACG School Jakarta has been buzzing with swimming carnivals this week.

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A #pastiche of a Ron Burns Painting by Yeawon, AS Art. #Art #Painting #Artwork #creativity http://t.co/RR3Klp6AVL
#ACGSchoolJakarta students enjoyed the beauty and culture of #Bali during the Secondary Camp. http://t.co/R8sYWVVXBF http://t.co/IID8oppGBx
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