ACG International School Jakarta News

ACG International School Jakarta News

Aboriginal dot painting

Monday, 10 March 2014 14:15



Students practise an Aboriginal dot painting technique as part of the background for their paintings inspired by Tim Johnson. All Secondary Art programmes at ACG International School Jakarta are now in place and include studies at  IGCSE and AS level. At Year 8 level students are gathering the techniques, interest, knowledge and professional practices within visual art that will assist them to succeed later within CIE examinations. 

Primary Learning Outside of the Classroom

Thursday, 06 March 2014 13:30

Finding out about religion on a field trip to a Buddhist Temple


Year 3 inquired into the six main religions in the world. As part of this we studied the similarities and differences between religions and the beliefs. To further increase our understanding we went to different places of worship. One such excursion was to Vihara Dhammacakka Jaya Buddhist Temple in Jakarta. There we heard about Buddhist beliefs and saw Buddhism in practice.

Literacy in the Primary Class

Thursday, 06 March 2014 13:09

Guided reading groups


Year 3 children are engaged in small teacher-led guided reading group sessions during their school week. This helps the students improve their oral reading skills, comprehension and receive reading and responding to reading experiences at their level. The children enjoy participating in guided reading groups.

Science in Lower Primary

Thursday, 06 March 2014 08:46

will the plant drink the coloured water 3


Year 1 were learning about how to share the planet. The Central Idea was “Plants sustain life on earth and play a role in our lives”. We investigated what plants need to survive. In this particular activity we added food-dye to the water for a plant and we predicted what we thought would happen. Eventually we saw red lines appearing in the leaves and petals of the white plant, which showed us that plants can drink water and that the nutrients circulate through the plant.

Visual Arts at ACG IS Jakarta

Monday, 07 October 2013 10:45

ACG International School Jakarta has established a dedicated Visual Arts Programme in the Secondary School offering classes through to IGCSE and AS Level exams, Ms Terese Storey has been busy developing the courses, exploring the Visual Arts scene in Jakarta and linking with other Visual Arts teachers in Jakarta through the JATI network. My thanks go to Terese for her hard work in getting these programmes off the ground. I am sure the students are developing a whole new appreciation of the Visual Arts!

Henri Bemelmans

Visual Arts at ACG IS JakartaYear 9 Art – Students pose with their Comic masks. They have been studying the Indonesian artist Hahan and his use of exaggerated emotion and comic techniques. This unit is a cross-curricula project with Year 9 English, where they will study Graphic Novels and use skills learnt in Art to enhance their work.


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