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Sporting activities at ACG

Basketball and soccer games were held for ACG International students at Parnell College on Saturday 26th February 2011. Approximately 100 students were involved in the sports day with many more students coming along to support their fellow friends and classmates.

The students came from NZIC Queen Street Campus, NZIC Parnell Campus, Norton College and ACG English School. There were 16 teams entered in total which started with basketball at 9 am then Soccer at 2 pm. The event finished at 6 pm that evening.

Many students displayed strong skills in their chosen sport and a few even played in both events. There was chanting and cheering from spectators on the sideline and it was great to see the positive morale and support of other teams when they were not playing.


The finals were between the ACG staff (and friends) team and BK.  BK consisted of a team of students from NZIC Parnell Campus and was captained by Taylor Yuan. A lot of fun and laughs were had by both teams, with many three pointers shot (and sunk), spectacular fast game play and a few fancy lay-ups. At the end of the game, the staff team presented BK with a basketball from the New Zealand Breakers team with all their signatures on it.


A furious hard hitting final game was held between Phalastine and The Blue Devils. Phalastine was captained by NZIC Queen Street student Saeed Alhammadi and The Blue Devils was captained by NZIC Parnell Campus student Matrank Ali. With a minute to go, the score was 1-1. However, The Blue Devils scored the winning goal.

Congratulations to all teams involved and for making this event one to remember and we hope to see all students back in the next tournament.

Many thanks to Mr Hodges, Mrs Hodges, Ms Chou-Lee and Mr Meur for their work in organising this event.


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