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Basketball Tournament – Saturday 3 September 2011 at Parnell College

This is the third tournament to be held at Parnell College and the number of students attending is growing. Students from April Fast Track, July Foundation, Post Foundation, February Foundation and the English School participated in this tournament. It was also great for many other students, who were not participating in the tournament, to come along to support their friends.


Mr Nathu was at the door to welcome students arriving at 8.30 am with Mr Meur on hand to help at the end of the day. Many thanks also to Mrs Verry and her husband who both played in the staff team and helped with refereeing the games. Quite a few students displayed their basketball talents with their speed in fast breaks and shooting skills in sinking their 3 pointers. Luckily, there were no injuries on the day and all students who participated had a lot of fun.

The final was played between two teams with players from February Foundation and the ACG English School. The teams were Seven Head – captained by Eric Lam, and Big Truck – captained by Torres Chan. The teams' skills and abilities were similarly matched and it was a very exciting and close game. The final score was a draw at 10-all, therefore 5 minutes were added to the clock. Both teams were still going strong and were not allowing their opposition the opportunity to get a clear shot. By the end of the 5 minutes, each team only scored one basket each. With another draw on hand, the winning team had to be determined by shootout. Each team selected 3 players to shoot from the free throw line. The gymnasium went silent while six players each took one turn at shot. Again a draw, and a second round of shots was needed. Again, the gymnasium went silent and on the final shot taken, Big Truck won.


A short prize-giving was held afterward and the winning team members received a drink bottle each, courtesy of Powerade and The Rugby World Cup. Thank you to Ms Chou-Lee for organising the event.


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