School Excursions and Camping Programme

ACG School Jakarta offers an extensive Excursion and Camping Programme to supplement the curriculum beyond our campus.

Jakarta Camp

The 'Travelling Classroom' provides meaningful opportunities for lifelong learning and demonstrates clearly that the world is our classroom. Students from all grade levels participate in excursions to a variety of places which link into their Units of Inquiry (Primary) or subject area (Secondary).

Our Camping Programme commences in Year 3 with an overnight sleep-over at the School. At the beginning of each year, teachers review the Curriculum and decide on times and locations for camps to closely link with the Learning Objectives for that particular period. The seasonal weather changes in Asia are also taken into consideration.

Examples from previous years have seen the Year 4 students participate in a three-day/two-night camp up at Taman Safari where they enjoyed hearing the sounds of the various zoo animals at night and had the thrill of hugging baby tigers and orang-utans during the day.  Years 5 and Year 6 visited Putri Island, one of Indonesia’s most popular Thousand Island destinations, for a unique camping experience.

The school’s Camping Programme then increases in length in Secondary, with students venturing off campus for one week to a location well beyond Jakarta.

**Camping Dates are set at the beginning of each year and posted on the School Calendar.

All off-campus activities are carefully planned with teachers completing Risk Assessments and Learning Overviews. All excursions have clearly defined aims and learning objectives and parents are informed well in advance. Excursions and camps provide valuable opportunities for students to take initiatives, develop independence and connectedness to the real world. We also use our camping trips to further develop our Leadership Programme for our students.

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