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ACG School Jakarta provides a school bus service for students. This service is not for profit. The fee will cover all associated costs. The School always keeps the fee to a minimum; but it may change from time to time as other related costs increase, such as fuel.


Please observe the following information:


  • All pick-up points are evaluated based on availability and route timing. In order to offer a reasonable bus fee to parents, a vehicle will require a minimum of 5 students to sign up. Ideally one vehicle is limited to a maximum of 5 pick-up points to avoid any unnecessarily long journey for students.
  • The prices of the school bus are set to a minimum and a maximum which will be determined according to the distance to and from campus.
  • Payments for the school bus service must be paid in full before the first day of each term or semester of the school calendar depending on payment options preferred (term or semester payment).
  • Bus fees may be adjusted according to any route change, i.e. an additional payment or refund may apply.

Approx. US$1,300 per Semester*
Min. US$1,100 per Semester
*Subject to petrol pricing

The School shall be responsible for the rostering of buses and establishing bus routes. Each bus driver shall be provided with a list of names and addresses of all children rostered to travel on that bus. Each bus shall carry an adult chaperone, or responsible senior student who will act as a bus monitor. Chaperones or monitors are responsible for the behaviour on the bus, attending to needs of younger children, ensuring safety procedures, and minimizing disturbance to the driver to allow him to concentrate on his driving and road safety.



  • Will be given the name, phone number of the driver, bus license number and make of vehicle.
  • Expected pick up and home time for students will be notified.
  • Please notify reception if your child is not needing the bus, is absent or is being collected after school.

Please email [email protected]  or phone 7805636 for any information about your child's bus service.

The School wants to ensure that all students are safe and happy in the school bus. Daily bus reports are generated; any behaviour issues will be reported to the Principal and the Head of Primary. After two warnings students will not be able to travel in the bus for one week.

Calling the driver when on the road is not encouraged as this will disturb them. Send a text and the driver can respond when he is not concentrating on driving. 

Students are expected to be ready at their own designated pick up time. Unless otherwise informed, the school bus will not wait for a student who has not appeared at the pick up point. The bus may wait for a maximum of two minutes for a student under special circumstances (i.e. toileting) but will not wait for extended periods of time. This is very important as the bus must arrive at school on time to start the school day. Please respect the drivers and other passengers.

School buses shall not carry unauthorized passengers. All students traveling on school buses shall be required to conform to the rules relating to travel and behaviour on a school bus as follows:

  • Chaperone is responsible; please listen and respect them
  • Wear safety belt
  • Be kind to each other
  • Hands to yourself
  • Quiet voices in order to not disturb the driver
  • Belongings stay in bag until you get to school or home

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