Uniform Policy

It is school policy that all children wear school uniform when attending School or when participating in a school-organized event outside the school grounds.

Uniform Policy

The ACG School Jakarta uniform was designed by the Student Council and Parent Support Group. The Batik pattern designed features a gecko and orchids to represent Indonesia – our host country. This Batik pattern is registered to ACG School Jakarta.


Aims and objectives

Our policy for School uniform is based on the notion that school uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in the school
  • Engenders a sense of community and belonging to the school
  • Is practical, smart and cool to wear
  • Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance
  • Is regarded as suitable wear for school and is considered by parents as good value for money
  • Is designed with health and safety in mind for the hot Indonesian climate


The role of parents

We ask all parents to support the school uniform policy. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child has the correct uniform and that it is clean and in good repair. Students are to wear the Batik uniform to school everyday and change into their PE uniform for specialist lessons.


ACG School Jakarta uniform consists of:

(Each clothing item shows the ACG School Jakarta logo)


Dark Blue Batik Shirt
Navy Blue Shorts
Navy Blue long pants
Navy Blue skirt / skort
Dark Blue Batik dress
Navy Blue Cap or round hat 
Black, brown or blue shoes (no heels)

Light Blue Batik shirt
Navy Blue skirt / skort
Navy Blue shorts
Navy Blue trousers
Light Blue Batik dress
Navy Blue cap, or round hat
(preferably with the school logo.
No sports logo)
Black, brown or blue shoes (no heels)

Light blue t-shirt
Navy blue shorts
Red, green, blue or yellow house t-shirt
White trainers/running shoes and socks                                                               
Light blue t-shirt
Navy blue shorts
Red, green, blue or yellow
house t-shirt
White trainers/running shoes
and socks

(applicable to all students)

Hair should be neat and tidy; all long hair must be tied back

Fake tattoos are not to be worn
Underclothing is not to be visible
Nail polish is not to be worn

(applicable to all students)

The wearing of jewellery is discouraged with the exception of:

A ring
One pair of stud like earrings
During outdoor sporting activities, PE or playtime, children should remove all jewellery, eg watches, rings, earrings etc.
The responsibility for the safe-keeping of jewellery rests with the student.


A note is required from parents if a child is unable to wear correct uniform for the day.

Parents will be notified by the School if a child is continually out of the correct uniform.

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