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At ACG School Jakarta we teach English. Every child receives English grammar lessons as part of the School’s literacy programme.  However, for students who have learnt/are learning English as a foreign language, we offer an English Language Support (ELS) programme, designed to support the child’s stages of language acquisition and enable them to participate socially and academically amongst their peers.

ACG School Jakarta is one of the few international schools in Jakarta that have expat teacher-trained ELS Primary and Secondary Teachers, who are well qualified to evaluate each student’s progress and work effectively with the class teachers to progress individual student’s learning outcomes.

In the ACG School Jakarta ELS Primary Programme, we look at the individual needs of each child who enters the programme and we timetable specialised ELS teaching based on the child’s level of English, year level and what is needed to best support each child’s mainstream learning.  This may include a combination of out-of-class tuition and/or specialised ELS teacher support within the classroom.  Our out-of-class lessons focus on the technical skills of the English language, oral communication and providing our ELS children with effective strategies for their reading and comprehension. As the child advances, the emphasis shifts towards developing their writing skills and operating effectively within the classroom.

The ELS teachers work closely with the class teachers to monitor each child’s progress.  Every ELS child is assessed regularly on a formal and informal basis and a detailed report is provided to parents at the end of every semester. The ELS Secondary Programme can include formal English language courses if there is demand.   

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us directly.  We would be happy to discuss our programme and the cost structure with you in more detail. For students requiring additional English Language Support, an ELS fee is payable. This fee funds the considerable additional staffing and resources for this programme.

Please Contact us for more information.

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