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To get the most out of experiencing New Zealand life, ACG recommends homestay accommodation. ACG students under the age of 18 are required to live with an ACG homestay family, a parent or a designated caregiver.

Accommodation arrangements for students under 18 years of age must meet ACG’s approval. 

Each homestay family is visited, interviewed and the home inspected before any student placement is made. Homestays must sign a contract that details specific rules and standards. In addition, ACG homestay providers must undergo a vetting procedure by the New Zealand Police. ACG provides training and on-going support for its approved homestays.

All students under the age of 18 are visited in their accommodation a minimum of three times per year by a friendly ACG assessor.

All payments are made directly to the homestay provider from the ACG Student Trust.


ACG Homestay

Standard homestay includes the student’s own room with a bed, desk, adequate heating and internet usage. Meals include breakfast and dinner, Monday to Friday and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, Sunday and public/ school holidays. Laundry is also included. Most students travel to school by bus each day.

Students under 18 years of age $295 per week
Students 18 years & over $280 per week


ACG Homestay Plus

ACG Homestay Plus families accommodate no more than two international students at a time. A bathroom is available for the student to share with one other student.

2017 ACG Homestay Plus
Students under 18 years of age $330 per week
Students 18 years & over $315 per week


Student Apartments

Student apartments are available for students aged 18 years and older who seek independent living with a full range of facilities.

2017 Student Apartment Fees: Single Room                            
Approx price        $220 to $460 per week             

To find out more, please visit Empire Apartment or YWCA Apartment.

pdfYWCA Apartment Accommodation 2017

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Living Costs

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Medical & Travel Insurance

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Working in New Zealand



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