ACG Internships

Internships provide real world experience to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field.


The primary focus of an internship is to get valuable on the job training, taking what’s learned in the classroom and applying it to the real world. 


The following internships are available at ACG:

Tourism & Travel - New Zealand School of Tourism

Travel & Management Tourism Diploma

Internships are available to all students studying a diploma level programme to gain the final 30 credits of their qualification. The internship allows you to apply your past classroom learning,
develop work place social and human relations skills, and provides the opportunity to apply communication and problem-solving skills in the real world. 

As part of the internship you will complete an assessment at the end of your first month on the induction and initial training process you have experienced. Your performance during the internship is evaluated by the on-site supervisor, and an attestation to you having worked a minimum of 400 hours. 

All internships are paid and the range of internships is dependent on the employer requirements. Typical placements are found during one-on-one interviews at our national Job Fairs and
placements range throughout the airline, travel and tourism industry.

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Hospitality & Cookery - NZMA

Diploma in Applied Hospitality Management - Level 6

Step out of the classroom and into the workplace with a 600 hour full-time paid internship. This is your chance to put into practice all you’ve learnt during your studies. You will enhance your skills, gain vital work experience and complete an indepth research project. It’s a great addition to your CV and may even lead to a permanent role after you graduate.

What will I learn?
During the first 18 months of this two-year programme you will complete all of the theory papers and campus-based practical training in your Level 5 and 6 Diplomas in Hospitality Management. In the last 20 weeks you will gain first-hand industry experience, by completing an internship and a relevant research project.

What will I gain from an internship?

  • Enhance your practical skills
  • Boost your CV with New Zealand references
  • Undertake 600 hours of paid internship
  • Complete a research project in the industry
  • Work with other New Zealanders and get a feel for life in New Zealand
  • Extend your work experience and skills in New Zealand by an additional 6 months (Student Visa granted for the duration of this programme).

Diploma in Professional Cookery - Level 5

If you want to be a professional chef at the top of your field, look no further.
Our diploma gives you all the skills, knowledge and experience you will need to succeed in today’s kitchens. Specialise in either patisserie or gastronomy and gain valuable work experience
during your full-time 600 hour paid internship. This will give you the leading edge when it comes to launching your career - as well as great qualifications and skills, you will graduate with
significant industry experience. This will look great on your CV!

What will I learn?

  • Advanced cookery skills
  • Administrative management skills
  • Kitchen management skills
  • Specialisation in either patisserie or gastronomy
  • Planning and implementing a live dinner service (including menu development, application of management skills)
  • Research and evaluation of current innovations, and principles and concepts of food production management
  • 600 hour paid internship
  • Internship-based research project.

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Business and Management – NZMA

Students enrolled in our Diploma in Applied Management programme may specialise in one of the three strands: Professional Retailing, Project Management or Procurement & Supply
Chain Management.

A 9-week internship is a compulsory component of the Professional Retailing strands. In addition to having the opportunity to apply your knowledge in the retail or service sectors, you will
be assisted before and throughout the internship with job-seeking skills and career counselling to help you enhance your performance and employability.

There are many exciting career options within the retail industry. Our students have completed work placements in supermarkets, apparel stores, hospitality establishments, bookstores,
departmental stores, and lifestyle service providers, to list a few.

For Project Management and Procurement & Supply Chain streams we provide an optional 9-week Career Management programme aiming to prepare and assist you with your job search. During the 40-week programme, students can spend 9 weeks participating in job seeking workshops, such as CV Writing, Interview techniques, and mocked interviews outside normal class hours. Additionally, students will also be coached and guided individually by our full-time Career Advisor to explore their career options, and network with potential employers.

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Design and Multimedia - ACG Yoobee School of Design

Internship opportunities are available where you gain valuable experience from a mentor while the company benefi ts from getting some help with work. Internships could be one day a week to fit in with your studies or 5 days a week following graduation, for a maximum of 3 months.

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