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Animation College was established in 1989, by former Disney animator, John Ewing and design studio owner, Barry Pearce. Since then Animation College has built a solid reputation as New Zealand’s character animation specialists. Animation College is the only college in New Zealand to offer degree and diploma level courses specializing in 2D & 3D character animation.

We stay in very close contact with the animation industry, so not only are we up to speed with the latest animation trends and technologies, we’re constantly talking to the people and businesses that could be your employer one day. Animation College is committed to excellent outcomes and operates under systems that meet national and international quality standards. We consult with the animation industry on a regular basis to ensure that our students are work ready.

The skill-based learning at Animation College makes our graduates unique and in demand locally and internationally across a wide range of disciplines, including: animation, illustration, design, gaming, advertising, film and graphic novels or comic books. Studying character animation can open up a wide range of career options.

The skills learnt at Animation College have allowed our students to not only work in a wide range of animation roles, but also in a variety of creative fields that utilise the same skills.

After studying at Animation College, graduates may find their niche in any of these careers:
Animator, Storyboard Artist, Rigger, 3D Modeller, Layout Artist, Matte Painter, Illustrator, Concept Artist, Comic Book Artist, Character Designer, Pre-Visualisation Artist and more.

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