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South Seas Film & TV School is New Zealand’s leading specialist provider of professional industry related practical training programmes for the Film, Television and Creative Media Industry.

All our programmes are delivered from the Auckland North Shore based studio production complex which uses industry relevant facilities and technology as well as industry experienced tutors. At South Seas we aim to replicate the various industry work processes to ensure that our students obtain the intensive practical training experience needed to secure relevant industry work and develop successful creative careers.

South Seas continually consults and works with the industry to keep its courses up to date and relevant. As a result we are highly successful in finding our graduates industry employment.

Over 2,300 graduates to date now work in a wide range of industry sectors from NZ produced feature films, such as Lord of the Rings, Avatar, and The Hobbit to television work for the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera as well as production companies in over 35 different countries. To date, students from 62 different countries have studied at South Seas, including Brazilian Film Director David Schurmann whose recent Brazil/NZ feature film ‘Little Secret’ is being distributed world-wide.

South Seas has been on the governance committee for the New Zealand Qualifications Authorities (NZQA) review of Film, Television, Animation, Photography and Screen Acting Industry related diploma courses. We deliver the following 5 newly instigated NZQA diploma courses expressly designed to prepare graduates for entry level industry positions.

South Seas Film & Television School Programmes

Diploma in Film & Television Production (Level 5) - 1 intake per year.

The FTV course covers all essential industry production skills and these are used to produce the many Dramatic, Documentary, Television and Video production exercises that make up the course. Major skill groups are as follows:

• Drama Directing and Script Writing
• Documentary Directing and Research
• Production Assisting and Management
• Camera Operating, Lighting and Audio Recording
• Post Production Editing
• Art and Design Department Skills

Diploma in Animation (Levels 5 and 6) - 1 intake per year.

Diploma in Animation (Level 5) Programme graduates can work in creative and/or technical assistant roles within animation/games/production studios. They can apply the principles and processes of animation production competently and creatively.

Diploma in Animation (Level 6) Programme graduates can work in creative and/or technical specialised roles within an animation/games/production studio or in a freelance capacity. They can evaluate, problem-solve and effectively adapt to the needs of a complex project or role, and work productively within given timeframes. Graduates also can confidently contribute to complex, collaborative, creative projects, follow direction, and self-manage.

Diploma in Photography (Level 6) - 2 intakes per year.

The one-year Photography programme provides students with all the essential practical skills and knowledge necessary to work professionally in the field of commercial photography. It is based on a comprehensive series of weekly practical photographic exercises and photographic exercises, where the shoots increase in scope and complexity throughout the year. By the end of the programme, students are able to independently complete complex photographic assignments with a professional level of competence in creative and technical aspects.

Diploma in On-Screen Acting (Level 5) - 1 intake per year.

The South Seas On-Screen Acting programme provides total focus immersion training in the unique skills and techniques required for acting in the medium of Film and Television. Acting has seen a major shift in employment to screen rather than theatre acting and the South Seas course is specifically designed to prepare students for the acting opportunities this presents. The programme is run in close collaboration with the Film and Television production course.


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