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Established in 1991, AMES is one of New Zealand’s leading IT education providers. AMES provides students with a gateway to the IT industry and jobs of the future. We support and inspire dynamic, team-orientated and technically talented graduates who will help to grow New Zealand’s global reputation as skilled innovators while propelling their own careers forward. We also provide students with a unique opportunity for collaboration and creative cross pollination with Animation College. This intersection of skills mirrors industry practice and stimulates students to work in truly innovative ways.

Industry Partnerships

It has been our mission to train our students in international qualifications so each graduate is successfully employed in their chosen IT career in New Zealand, or beyond. AMES works in conjunction with several national and international businesses. These relationships let us design the very best international training required. Listed below are some of the partnerships:

  1. Microsoft Corporation
  2. CISCO Systems, Inc
  3. CompTIA

Our campus is right in the heart of Auckland CBD. Our newly fitted learning spaces and chill-out games room provide a rich, stimulating student environment, with lots of opportunity to meet other people and be part of the energy and excitement of exploring new technologies.


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Cooking and Hospitality NZMA 270x270

Cooking and Hospitality

Business NZCC 270x270


Tourism and Travel NZST 369x347

Tourism and Travel



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Address: 345 Queen Street

Auckland, New Zealand


International enquiries:+64 9 307 5399

Head office enquiries:+64 9 306 0440