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Why New Zealand


New Zealand is a modern country with a rich cultural heritage. Comparable in size and shape to Great Britain or Japan, it is a stable English-speaking democracy with a population of approximately 4.4 million people.

New Zealand consists of two main islands in the South Pacific, three hours east of Australia by plane or nine to ten hours direct flight from Singapore.

Internationally, the country is known for the beauty of the landscape. The cities are clean, open and lively, with Auckland in particular showing many cultural influences.nz map2

New Zealanders are a famously hospitable people with a lively interest in other cultures. An education here is frequently the beginning of lifelong friendships.

New Zealand is a rich mix of cultures - including European, Maori, Asian and Pacific peoples. New Zealanders have made significant contributions to the world of science and technology, the arts, medicine, conservation, food, wine, sports and fashion.

Beyond the warm welcome, you will find a place where safety and security are valued.

New Zealand is ranked 2nd on the Global Peace Index for the most peaceful nation on earth.


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New Zealand is also one of the world’s five best countries to live in according to the latest United Nations’ index aimed at measuring development.


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New Zealand’s education system is based on the prestigious British system. We offer world-class facilities, resources and teaching staff. Our qualifications are valued and are transferable throughout the world.

New Zealand’s universities perform very highly on a global level. Many feature in international university rankings like the Times Higher Education Supplement Top 500 and the Shanghai Jiao Tong Top 500.

In New Zealand, every student enjoys a supportive learning environment. With relatively small class sizes, students receive more personalised attention from their teachers than they do in other parts of the world.

Students are treated as individuals - you are encouraged to learn from others but also to think for yourself. You will learn how to harness your unique strengths and original ideas and channel them into an exciting career.

For international students, this personalised treatment extends beyond the classroom. New Zealand was the first country to adopt a strict code of practice that sets out standards for the care of international students, in and out of the classroom.


As an international student in New Zealand, you will enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle and high quality, affordable accommodation.

What are the benefits of studying in New Zealand?

  • As a safe, tolerant and politically-stable country with a high standard of living, New Zealand is an ideal place to study
  • New Zealand qualifications are internationally respected and recognized
  • Living and studying in New Zealand offers excellent value for money with favourable tuition fees and living expenses compared to other English-speaking destinations
  • Opportunities for employment on graduation.


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    ACG Education Our Recruitment Manager for Africa will be visiting South Africa soon. Find out about studying in NZ.... https://t.co/QPDbfeF867
    ACG Education Our Recruitment Manager for Africa will be visiting South Africa soon. Find out about studying in NZ.… https://t.co/eJzYw2pSL5
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