Course Certificates

Course Certificates

Students in the AUT Foundation Studies programme will be offered a range of Tertiary Study Skills, Culture and Society classes and the opportunity to take academic subjects related to their chosen degree pathway.

"Academic subjects" refers to four subjects taken in addition to the Tertiary Study Skills and Culture & Society classes.

Students must successfully complete the full requirements of 120/180/240 points in 2 trimesters/3 trimesters/4 trimesters and gain C passes or higher in all subjects to be awarded the AUT Certificate in Foundation Studies.


Students will be graded on a scale of A to D in each subject.

  • A = Excellent Achievement (A+ = 90%+, A = 85%-89%, A- = 80-84%)
  • B = Very Good Achievement (B+ = 75-79%, B = 70-74%, B- = 65%-69%)
  • C = Pass (C+ = 60-64%, C = 55-59%, C- = 50-54%)
  • D = Fail


To gain automatic admission to the degrees listed will require minimum percentage marks as stipulated in that specific degree program, in addition to completing the Certificate and meeting any other additional published requirements.

Students who achieve 65% in English 2 are deemed to have met the English language entry level of IELTS 6.0, while 70% or higher is deemed equivalent to IELTS 6.5.

Students who achieve less than the stipulated percentage mark in English 2 are required to present an IELTS score.

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