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ACG Pathways Campus is located in the heart of Auckland and offers an ideal location for learning. Approximately 1,000 students from over 30 different countries study at the campus.

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A wide range of activities beyond the classroom are available for students interested in getting to know more about New Zealand.
The learning opportunities that are provided in addition to classroom learning experiences can take the experience of studying in a foreign country to a whole new level.
Students who want to pursue new activities are encouraged to do so by contacting the Activities Officer who will coordinate organising events.
For more detailed information about everyday life at the ACG Pathways Campus, please select from the pages in the menu bar.
For students living in small apartments in the city, the chance to meet at the Student Learning Centre on Saturday morning provides them with a bigger space on Saturday to socialise in the Student Common Room and study in the Student Learning Centre.
For many students they make new friends and are happy to organise their own events. The Student Learning Centre Manager has a wealth of information about activities happening around the city and beyond and regularly updates notices in the SLC.

New students are welcomed into ACG Norton College on the first day of each trimester. Orientation aims to provide students with the information necessary to cope with life both at the Campus and beyond. Making the correct selection of subjects is important and sound advice is given to students and staff are available to provide further information. Welfare systems, banking services, accessing ID cards and purchase of textbooks are all explained on the first day.

Situated on Level 1C, next to the International Centre, the Student Learning Centre (SLC) is open throughout the school day as a quiet place for students to study or relax. Most students use the table space to spread out their books and study. However, other will curl up in the bean bags to read a book or put on headphones to play the electric piano. The SLC is open most Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

Situated on Level 1C, next to the Student Learning Centre, the Student Common Room (SCR) is an ideal space for students wanting to meet up with their friends, either to do some group study or relax, eat or chat. The SCR is open most Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.


ACG Education Our Recruitment Manager for Africa will be visiting South Africa soon. Find out about studying in NZ....
ACG Education Our Recruitment Manager for Africa will be visiting South Africa soon. Find out about studying in NZ.…
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