Living Costs

Living Costs


Auckland is an affordable study destination, with a high standard of living but lower costs than Sydney or London. International students should allow approximately NZ$15,000 per year and NZ$1,250 per month for living costs. Many students are eligible for working visas for part-time work during their stay.


What does it cost? Approximate cost (NZ$)
Coffee, cappuchino or latte: $4.50 to $6.00
McDonald's BigMac burger: $5
Weekly accomodation: $150 to $325
Single ride bus ticket (one stage): $1.28 to 2.50
To post a letter within New Zealand: $1.00
Local phone calls from a home phone: FREE
Local calls made from a cell-phone (peak/off-peak per minute): $0.44
International phone calls (per minute): from $0.44
Major international music event/concert: $50 to $175
Lunch from food hall or campus cafe: $5 to $15
Main meal at restaurant (off campus): $15 to $40
Pair of jeans: $60 to $200
Petrol (unleaded) per litre: $1.77 to $1.86
Parking per hour rate: $2 to $6
Parking per day rate: $7.50 to $25
Visit to doctor: $60 to $85
Groceries per week (if not in homestay): $100 to $150


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