Student Care Plus

An optional support and supervision service for young students is available.

 Student Services StudentCarePlus

The service offers regular support and monitoring of young students by an appointed caregiver, who will report to parents on all aspects of their child's academic performance, attendance and life outside the school.

The caregiver does this by:

  • Meeting the student formally twice per month.
  • Meeting the student informally as requested.
  • Visiting the homestay family of the student once per month.
  • Attending formal tutor meetings as required.
  • Preparing and forwarding a monthly report to the parents. The report includes information relating to the student's academic performance, attendance, attitude and behaviour, eating habits and health.
  • Responding to parent enquiries via e-mail or Skype.
  • Being available to respond to phone calls from the parents.
  • Assisting the student with any practical arrangements, such as purchasing air tickets, books and computer equipment.
  • Assisting the student in creating a monthly budget.

Student Care Plus / Guardianship Service is strongly recommended for students under 18 years of age.


pdfStudent Care Plus Information and Application Form(313 KB)

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