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Thank you for your interest in the University of Auckland Foundation Studies programme. Qualifying for admission to the University of Auckland through the Certificate in Foundation Studies will put you on the pathway to the degree of your choice. 

ACG New Zealand International College is part of the wider network of ACG Schools including schools in New Zealand, Jakarta and Vietnam. ACG New Zealand International College exclusively delivers the University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies.

The University of Auckland Foundation Studies programme prepares international students for entry in the University of Auckland undergraduate degrees. The goal of the programme is to ensure that students not only meet the entry requirements but are prepared for the challenges of the degree programmes. At ACG New Zealand International College, we lay the foundations for future success.

The Foundation Studies programme is taught at the ACG City Campus which is located in the heart of Auckland City, close to a wide range of accommodation options and public transport.


On behalf of ACG New Zealand International College, I welcome you to The University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies programme and look forward to your successful completion of your foundation studies at ACG.

Mark Haines


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Please click here to view the latest official report from the Education Review Office on  ACG New Zealand International College's quality of education and care of students. 


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