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Apr 02

Geo trip to queenstown


Going to a new country to live and learn English so well you can study at university in New Zealand requires a great attitude towards learning, discipline and a sense of adventure. Students on the 1-year University of Auckland Foundation Certificate at ACG NZ  International School all have these attributes, with their sense of adventure shining through on their recent Geography trip to Queenstown.

Mar 17

Geography trip 2


The first Geography field trip for 2015, according to the students, “was lots of fun”, “the buffet meals were delicious”, “the accommodation was Spartan”, the weather was wet for cycling”, “the scenery was spectacular”, and “the learning experience was something that I’ll never forget”.

Mar 10

Chinese New Year 5

In 2015, Chinese New Year was celebrated in style. The Chinese flag was raised, and the staff and students launched a range of activities and decorated the Campus with lanterns, streamers, banners, flags and photographs.

New Zealand cricket

Mr Nathu and Mr September, Deputy Principal and Dean at ACG City Campus , respectively,  joined the 40,000 strong crowd at Eden Park in Auckland to watch the nail-biting World Cup game between New Zealand and our great adversaries from across the Tasman, Australia.

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen studied at ACG and has recently graduated from the Otago University School of Medicine.

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Auckland University Foundation students made the most of their #Geography trip to #Queenstown
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