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World Press Photo Exhibition

Friday, 25 July 2014 11:57

NZIC world press photo exhibition2 copy NZIC world press photo exhibition4 copy


ACG English School classes, accompanied by ACG City Campus staff, went to see the very impressive and challenging photos on display at the World Press Photo Exhibition at Smith and Caughey’s in Auckland. The students worked in pairs on their excursion task sheets.  They found the exhibition fascinating and were intrigued by many of the exhibits from around the world. 

The students left the exhibition revitalised about their English studies and current events, and were delighted to be rewarded for their efforts in preparing for the July ACGELT with this outing.  

Quiz evening at ACG City Campus

Friday, 18 July 2014 10:23

Learning is fun

Quiz evening1 Quiz evening2

Mr Meur, the NZIC Dean and biology teacher organised an early evening quiz for The University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies fasttrack students. The event encouraged so much vocal participation that the ‘enthusiasm’ could be heard on other levels of the building. One of the groups, named Mr Nathu’s legendary moustache, achieved a creditable score but another (no names mentioned) may be detained for further learning after class for not answering two of their questions, correctly!


Alumni Family Visit ACG City Campus

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 16:23




Abrar Degnh and Ashraf Alharbi are graduates of The University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies. They returned to ACG City Campus during the Massey University semester break to visit their teachers and introduce them to their daughters, Lamees* and Lina. Abrar is currently studying Health Science and plans to work in health promotion after completing a MSc. Ashraf has a strong interest in pursuing a career in information security and is undertaking a degree in Software Engineering. On completion of their studies, the family will return to Saudi Arabia.

*While her parents were catching up with the ACG teachers, Lamees said, "I am studying at Day School and I am very busy. I like reading and painting.”

Alumni’s Recipe For Success

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 16:08




An ACG education, self-discipline and a passion for the disciplines that comprise Mechatronics are Eissa Alanazi’s recipe for his success at university.  After completing The University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies at ACG City Campus, Eissa is now focussed on studying for a BE (Mechatronics) at Massey University. In 2015, Eissa will shift to Massey University’s Palmerston North Campus where he plans to study for his ME, before returning home to Saudi Arabia to pass on his knowledge and skills to his own people.

“ACG teachers gave me the important skills of reading and research, and the knowledge of mathematics to enable me to reach my goal of becoming a university teacher in my home country.” ACG wishes Eissa all the very best on his pathway to realising his dream of becoming a teacher.”

Critical literacy – World Behind Words

Thursday, 19 June 2014 11:49

Ms Gillian Haddon and Ms Miranda Benton-Wingfield are teachers of Geography and English language, respectively, at ACG NZIC. They gave a short, interactive lecture on Critical literacy and what it means in the 21st Century. The lecture was a requirement of The University of Auckland Postgraduate TESSOL course, which they are both undertaking as part of their professional development. As well as the key concepts provided being a good starting point for future professional conversations on critical literacy, Gillian and Miranda showed how technological, global, economic and social change have redefined literacy with students, who are now operating in a multi-modal setting.



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