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Join us for a Guided Tour with the Principal every Wednesday during term time only.


ACG Parnell College offers an international curriculum and a positive environment for Years 1-13. ACG Parnell College is the only independent co-educational Year 1-13 school in the central isthmus area and is a carefully designed addition to the private education opportunities offered by Academic Colleges Group in central Auckland, New Zealand.

ACG Parnell College incorporates the former ACG Junior College and offers high interest academic programmes with a clear and distinct emphasis on scholarship and personal excellence. This focus on teaching and learning is an integral part of our ACG Parnell Vision. We aspire to be an exceptional learning community. We look to nurturing significant positive student attitudes of commitment to wholehearted learning and a willingness to go the extra mile.

These twin attributes of learning and positive attitudes are complemented by a set of agreed values which we believe will produce educated, willing, world-class citizens.

ACG Parnell College has attracted dedicated specialist staff who, in a nurturing environment, provide a balance of competitive and cooperative opportunities where each student is encouraged to develop in the essential skills, knowledge and attitudes.


Larne Edmeades



Please click here to view the latest official report from the Education Review Office on ACG Parnell College's quality of education and care of students.


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