Apr 12

ACG Parnell College student is physics fighting with New Zealand's best

Mt Albert resident, Matthew Harvey, isn't taking his recent physics success for granted. Working many hours a day during the holidays he is preparing for a once in a lifetime chance to be chosen from the shortlist of New Zealand's best high school physicists to attend the prestigious International Young Physicists Competition in Germany later this year.

Competition started for the Year 13, ACG Parnell College student in Auckland regional school competitions. With success there the team moved forward to the recent finals in Wellington. On the back of this Matthew has been selected for the shortlist.

"There were three of us in the team and we all put a huge amount of effort into the preparation of the regionals and finals. It's great to see that effort pay off," says Matthew Harvey. 



Matthew is tasked with an experiment to prove his place in the team. Spending most days at school over the holidays, Matthew must try to determine how the following phenomenon occurs. When a high voltage is placed in two beakers filled with a fluid like deionised water and they are slowly separated, a bridge of water is formed between the beakers. It falls away when the voltage is switched off.

Working closely with his tutor Tristan O'Hanlon because of the high voltage used, they are examining questions such as 'Can the water bridge be made longer using a different volume of water? Is water actually being transferred from beaker to beaker? If so, transferred in which direction? On what does the thickness of the bridge depend on?'

"We are thrilled for Matthew - with his current physics achievements. He is competing with the brightest students New Zealand has to offer and we know he is working hard to achieve the next step. Matthew has a keen mind and is very insightful. He's a very talented student and excels both in science and the humanities," says Larne Edmeades, ACG Parnell College principal.

To achieve the standards towards which Matthew is aiming demands a heavy workload on top of his normal coursework. However, with Germany in the back of his mind, he is happily giving up the rest and relaxation of his school holidays in the name of science.


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