Teaching Staff 2015

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Mr Marc Andelane Marc.Andelane@acgedu.com Art, Design Technology
Mr Karl Arnesen Karl.Arnesen@acgedu.com Mathematics
Mrs Ronel Barlow Ronel.Barlow@acgedu.com Biology, Science
Mr Kenny Beeton Kenny.Beeton@acgedu.com Deputy Principal, International Dean, Accounting
Mr Terence Beeton Terence.Beeton@acgedu.com Physics, Science, ICT
Mrs Vee Beeton Vee.Beeton@acgedu.com Dean of Primary, Year 1
Ms Sarah Best Sarah.Best@acgedu.com Primary, Year 5
Ms Anna Bonkowski Anna.Bonkowski@acgedu.com ESOL
Mrs Ximena Borquez Ximena.Borquez@acgedu.com Physical Education
Miss Veronica Boughtwood Veronica.Boughtwood@acgedu.com English
Mr Michael Breckell Michael.Breckell@acgedu.com Chemistry, Science
Miss Amanda Burnett Amanda.Burnett@acgedu.com Drama
Mrs Janet Carter Janet.Carter@acgedu.com Art, Graphic Design
Mrs Lisa Chamberlain Lisa.Chamberlain@acgedu.com Biology, Science, ICT
Miss Josephine Chin Josephine.Chin@acgedu.com Chinese
Ms Lancy Chua Lancy.Chua@acgedu.com ESOL
Mr Ed Coup Edmund.Coup@acgedu.com Assistant Principal, Dean of Year 12, Physics, Science
Miss Diana Crawford Diana.Crawford@acgedu.com Geography, Humanities, ICT
Ms Adelaida Dimitrova Adelaida.Dimitrova@acgedu.com Mathematics
Mr Brian Divall Brian.Divall@acgedu.com History, Humanities
Mr Larne Edmeades Larne.Edmeades@acgedu.com Principal
Mr David Elliott David.Elliott@acgedu.com Spanish
Miss Stephanie Fong Stephanie.Fong@acgedu.com English
Mr Weymond Fong Weymond.Fong@acgedu.com Dean of Year 11, Mathematics
Mrs Julie Garner Julie.Garner@acgedu.com Music
Miss Keri-Jo Genders KeriJo.Genders@acgedu.com Physical Education
Mrs Charmaine Graham Charmaine.Graham@acgedu.com Dean of Year 7, Science
Mrs Vicki Grover Vicki.Grover@acgedu.com Reception ESOL
Mrs Lyn Henderson Lyn.Henderson@acgedu.com Dean of Year 8, Mathematics
Mrs Anna Hewertson Anna.Hewertson@acgedu.com Primary, Year 2
Mr Joseph Janiszewski Joseph.Janiszewski@acgedu.com Primary, Year 3
Ms Susan Jenkins Susan.Jenkins@acgedu.com Music
Ms Kate Jones Kate.Jones@acgedu.com Business Studies, Humanities
Ms Susan Keir Susan.Keir@acgedu.com Primary, Year 6
Mr John Kim John.Kim@acgedu.com Physics, Science
Mrs Lindie Knight Lindie.Knight@acgedu.com English, Thinking Skills
Ms Trini Lucena Garcia Trini.LucenaGarcia@acgedu.com Spanish
Mr Daniel Mathie Daniel.Mathie@acgedu.com Dean of Year 10, Physical Education
Ms Louise Mazengarb Louise.Mazengarb@acgedu.com English
Mrs Anne McAtee Anne.McAtee@acgedu.com Dean of Year 13, Accounting, ICT
Mr Malcolm McLean Malcolm.McLean@acgedu.com Mathematics 
Ms Amy McLennan Amy.McLennan@acgedu.com Science
Mr Robin Murray-Leslie Robin.MurrayLeslie@acgedu.com Geography, Humanties, ICT
Mr Tristan O'Hanlon Tristan.OHanlon@acgedu.com Physics
Ms Ana Pascual Ana.Pascual@acgedu.com Spanish
Ms Nadia Perrin Nadia.Perrin@acgedu.com Mathematics
Mr Stuart Prossor Stuart.Prossor@acgedu.com English
Mrs Prudence Raos Prudence.Raos@acgedu.com ESOL
Mr Christopher Reed Christopher.Reed@acgedu.com English, ICT
Miss Lauren Sawyers Lauren.Sawyers@acgedu.com English
Miss Jenny Smith Jenny.Smith@acgedu.com Computer Science, ICT
Ms Sharon Steel Sharon.Steel@acgedu.com Primary, Year 1
Mrs Emma Stupple Emma.Stupple@acgedu.com Course and Careers Support
Ms Carleen Thomas Carleen.Thomas@acgedu.com Primary, Year 4
Ms Jennifer Thompson Jennifer.Thompson@acgedu.com Science
Miss Alison Tripp Alison.Tripp@acgedu.com Primary, Year 6
Mrs Chris van der Loos Chris.VanderLoos@acgedu.com Deputy Principal, Dean of Year 9, Economics
Miss Janelle Wisnewski Janelle.Wisnewski@acgedu.com Classical Studies, Humanities
Ms Holly Woodall Holly.Woodall@acgedu.com English



ACG Parnell College Our primary students have got to show off their musical instrument skills! #music https://t.co/q68X7j2pL8 https://t.co/Gi6UG0cYqA
ACG Parnell College Kira Sonoda's #artwork has been selected for the 18th Kanagawa Biennial World Children’s #Art exhibition in #Japan! https://t.co/XG28uAiZqm


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