Teaching Staff 2014


Mr Marc Andelane Art, Design Technology
Mr Karl Arnesen Mathematics
Mrs Ronel Barlow Biology, Science
Mr Kenny Beeton Deputy Principal, International Dean, Accounting
Mr Terence Beeton Science
Mrs Vee Beeton Dean of Primary, Year 1
Mrs Ximena Borquez Physical Education
Miss Veronica Boughtwood English
Ms Alison Bowden Mathematics
Mr Michael Breckell Chemistry, Science
Miss Amanda Burnett Drama
Ms Suzanne Caron ESOL
Mrs Janet Carter Art, Graphic Design
Miss Josephine Chin Chinese
Ms Lancy Chua ESOL
Mr Ed Coup Assistant Principal, Dean of Year 12, Physics, Science
Miss Diana Crawford Science
Mrs Jennifer Crowley School Nurse
Mrs Jane Cunningham Science
Ms Adelaida Dimitrova Mathematics
Mr Brian Divall Humanities, ESOL
Mr Larne Edmeades Principal
Mr David Elliott Spanish
Miss Stephanie Fong English
Mr Weymond Fong Dean of Year 11, Mathematics
Mrs Julie Garner Music
Mr Nathan Garton English
Miss Keri-Jo Genders Physical Education
Mrs Charmaine Graham Dean of Year 7, Science
Mrs Vicky Grover Reception ESOL
Mrs Lyn Henderson Dean of Year 8, Mathematics
Mrs Anna Hewertson Primary, Year 2
Ms Sylvie Huang Art
Mr Joseph Janiszewski Primary, Year 3
Ms Susan Jenkins Music
Ms Kate Jones Business Studies, Humanities
Mrs Sarah Jordan Primary, Year 4
Ms Susan Keir Primary, Year 6
Mrs Lindie Knight English, Thinking Skills
Ms Rebecca Li Science
Mr Robin Murray-Leslie Geography, Humanities
Mrs Gillian Magerkorth Activities Co-ordinator
Mr Daniel Mathie Dean of Year 10, Physical Education
Mrs Anne McAtee Dean of Year 13, Accounting, ICT
Mr Malcolm McLean Mathematics
Ms Amy McLennan Science
Mr Tristan O'Hanlon Physics
Miss Rebecca O'Leary English
Miss Sophia Panayiodou ESOL
Ms Ana Pascual Spanish
Ms Chloe Peni Science, ICT
Miss Sarah Percy Economics
Mr Stuart Prossor English
Miss Dalila Quiroz Spanish
Mr Christopher Reed English, ICT
Mrs Kirsty Reed Primary, Year 5
Miss Janine Skelton Primary, After-School Care Programme
Miss Jenny Smith Computing, ICT
Ms Sharon Steel Primary, Year 1
Miss Alison Tripp Primary, Year 6
Mrs Chris van der Loos Deputy Principal, Dean of Year 9, Economics
Miss Janelle Wisnewski Humanities