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Pre-university centre Years 11 to 13

When considering ACG Senior College as an option for study, some students think that, because the College has extremely high academic results, all students who come here are brilliant. This is not so. There is a range of student ability. However, what makes the difference is that students who come tend to have many of the following attributes and the rest takes care of itself.

  • Students come with a positive attitude.
  • Students commit to working hard.
  • Students strive for excellence.
  • Students share positive relationships with their teachers.
  • Students take part in the wider life of the school.
  • Students enjoy their day.
  • Students have a safe environment in which to work.
  • Students celebrate their own success and that of others.

School is more than attending lessons and reciting information. This College enjoys discussion, critical thinking, owning one's own ideas, voicing them with confidence and taking risks. We enjoy students who are active learners and share a desire to do the very best they can. That is why we gain great academic success. Also, we encourage you to take responsibility for your learning and take an active role in the co-curricular activities we run.

The staff at ACG Senior College are passionate teachers who all have experience in teaching the CIE syllabus. Teachers genuinely like and respect the students they teach. They work hard with students and for students in order to enable each individual to gain success.

Making the decision to come to Senior College is not easy. However, if you really want to experience our College, please feel free to take up our offer of a tour, when the College is in operation. Also, make use of the opportunity to "Be a Senior College Student for a Day".

Our motto is Redefine Success because this is exactly what students do when they enter the College and this continues into their working life.

If you make the decision to visit our College, we look forward to welcoming you.


K Parker

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