Mission & Vision

Mission vision

ACG Senior College promotes independent critical thinking that challenges and enriches the lives of learners in order to become responsible caring citizens who contribute positively to the global community through intellectual endeavour, cultural acceptance and action.

ACG Senior College began as a college with a focus on academic excellence. As the College evolved and student numbers grew, it became apparent that academic excellence would always be at the core of our values. 

Therefore, our vision is as follows:

  • To continue to be a top performing academic school.
  • To provide qualifications that are valued both nationally and internationally
  • To develop independent lifelong learners who are inquirers and have a genuine love of learning and a sense of curiosity
  • To encourage students to explore issues that are significant on both a national and international level so that through knowledge and understanding they become better global citizens
  • To promote critical thinking and creativity to enable students to embrace the problems of the future, confidently and competently so that the decisions they make are reasoned and ethical.
  • To develop good communicators through the study of languages, as well as through a variety of forms of communication.
  • To foster the concept of collaboration and working with others positively
  • To encourage at all times fine values where the students become responsible for their actions and understand the importance of respect and tolerance
  • To provide opportunities for students to show a pride and understanding of not only their culture but those of others and in doing so have a genuine experience of open mindedness within their college life.
  • To show genuine care for the others and the world that we live in, especially those less fortunate
  • To encourage students to take risks in a confident manner
  • To develop in students the need for a balanced life where they place emphasis on the need to promote a strong sense of well-being for themselves and others
  • To develop of self in terms of evaluating through reflection their strengths and weaknesses in order to develop their learning and personal attributes.

Our vision for the future will be constantly evolving to accommodate an ever changing world.

In keeping with the philosophy of the College, we aim to have a set focus for every year to ensure that we retain quality and develop educationally. Our focus is multi-faceted and a real challenge.

We are delighted to be offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme as well as CIE. This allows our students to select from two highly respected international qualifications the one that is most suited to their learning and career aspirations. We are confident of our ability to deliver both programmes and look forward to our July intake of IB Diploma students.

At the heart of the IB Philosophy is the Learner Profile that exhibits a number of key attributes for which students should strive. We are committed to the implementation of this profile across the whole school and will begin with a special focus on Pre-IB, IB and Year 11 CIE students.

Our second goal is to work towards making our students digital world citizens and to foster this in our teaching and within the related activities at school. Connectivity will be the way of the future and this is an exciting time in education as we look to a future where classrooms and learning take on global significance with access to an unlimited supply of information and a world full of interesting, knowledgeable people.

Finally, our last goal is to be the best provider we possibly can for all students. On the domestic front, our students are not only being encouraged to excel academically but also as members of the college and Auckland community. Emphasis has been placed on ensuring that international students who travel long distances and leave families to study in New Zealand are an integral part of our college and receive the best possible education and care that we can offer.


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