Key Facts

Key facts

Senior College:

  • Is a senior secondary college for Year 11 to 13.

  • Has been in operation for 20 years and boasts a fine academic record.

  • Is situated in the centre of Auckland city, flanked by AUT, the University of Auckland, The Auckland City Library and the Auckland Art Gallery.

  • Does not require students to wear a uniform but there is a dress code.

  • Classes commence at 8.30am and conclude at 4.35pm from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, all classes conclude at 3.05pm.

  • Has five periods per day, each lasting 80 minutes.

  • Have non-contact time and they make the decision about how to spend it.

  • The library is available as a quiet working area as are many rooms throughout the College.

  • Students studying art can use the art rooms at any time.

  • We are very flexible when planning a course for each individual. Students can take courses at various levels such as IGCSE and AS. Some students in Year 13 study at Senior College part-time and attend university courses at the University of Auckland as well.

  • Each year, we take a number of students who are able and wish to move from Year 9 directly into Year 11.The students we have accepted to date have achieved to a very high standard and fitted in socially as well.

  • All students are expected to be on time and prepared for classes.

  • All students are expected to hand in every piece of set work.

  • Should a student require extra help, their subject teacher has their teaching timetable on their door indicating the times they are free to give one-on-one tuition.

  • The College is committed to providing students with course leading to the Cambridge International Examinations and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

  • In the past 10 years of CIE, ACG Senior College students have gained numerous Top in the World and Top in New Zealand Awards with the top year gaining 34 in total.

  • In the past 7 years, students from Senior College have been awarded Top Scholar in NZ in the NZQA Scholarship examinations in Classical Studies, Mathematics, Science and in English a total of three times.

  • At the core of everything at Senior College is academic excellence, value added and working in partnership with teachers to achieve true potential.

  • Teachers are subject specialists and share their students’ passion for learning. There is no streaming. Cambridge and IB Diploma courses begin in January with external examinations in October/November.

  • Some students will sit mid-year examinations such as IGCSE Language and Music. The College has a tutor system where every student is assigned a tutor who oversees their academic progress and supports them pastorally. Usually this tutor is one of the student’s subject teachers.

  • All academic staff, including the Principal and management team have a tutor group and take part in pastoral care.

  • The College is committed to pastoral care and sees this as the cornerstone of our success. We work on the premise that happy and safe students who are cared for will work hard and achieve.

  • The Deputy Principal is responsible for discipline and does on average six minutes per week in this area.

  • The College does not have bells and students are expected to be on time for class and responsible. If they are late without a very good reason, they will be excluded from class and asked to catch up this work on a Friday afternoon.

  • Great care is taken when decisions are made about the course each student will undertake. In August, students make their requests for the following year in consultation with their teachers and the management team.

  • Our Career Counsellor is available to help students with subject choice as well as supporting them when they apply for universities both nationally and internationally. The College is not purely academic. We run sports teams, cultural activities, overseas trips and many activities involved with worthy causes. Please refer to Activities and Events for further details.

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ACG Senior College We are pleased to announce the appointment of Tracey Dykstra as Principal from 1 November:
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