There are two different types of scholarships available for students wishing to attend ACG Senior College:


Dawn Jones and John Graham Scholarships 2018

ACG Senior College is proud to offer a number of academic scholarships annually. They are advertised in Term 3 each year. Aptly named the Dawn Jones and John Graham Scholarships after our founders, the scholarships provide assistance towards tuition fees.

Students are invited to apply for a scholarship by completing the application form for New Zealand students. All students applying for ACG Senior College will be considered for these scholarships. We will notify you if you are shortlisted. Applications can be made throughout the year.

In the assessment of an application for the Scholarships, the following will be the main criteria for selection:

  1. Academic achievement and potential of the student
  2. Attitude and motivation of the student
  3. Ability to benefit from the special features of the College
  4. Financial circumstances of the family

Please note: Shortlisted students will be required to attend an interview before a final decision is made.

Sibling Scholarship

For families with four or more children, a scholarship may be made available subject to the school's enrolment criteria being met and accepted:

For families with four (4) children attending a particular ACG school at any one time, the school shall be able to determine that the youngest child receive a full tuition scholarship;

For  families with four (4) children attending a particular ACG school at any one
time, the school shall be able to determine that  the youngest child receive a full
tuition scholarship;
  • For a family with four children the youngest child may receive a full tuition scholarship.
  • For a family with five or more children, a scholarship to the value of 25% of the total amount of fees payable may be awarded.
  • In both instances above, the scholarship provisions shall apply only for the duration of the period in which the four (or more) children are in full attendance at ACG Senior College.

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