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Emma Zhao229

Emma (Mengzhe) Zhao

My name is Emma (Mengzhe) Zhao and I am a former ACG Senior College student, graduated in 2005. I spent two years at ACG Junior College of New Zealand and three years at ACG Senior College of New Zealand. At SCONZ, I took Business Studies, Mathematics, Physics and Accounting for A-Levels. The Cambridge system gave me a huge advantage when applying for universities, as I was able to apply for UK and US universities. I was given the opportunity to interview with Cambridge University. The Cambridge system opened doors for top universities in the world.

The CBD location of the school enabled students to mature and socialise in an unconventional way. I definitely enjoyed the proximity to everything in town, and the variety of options for lunch. The class size was relatively small, and each student was given the necessary attention, which ensured the success of every student coming out of Senior College.

After I graduated from ACG Senior College, I attended the University of Auckland for one year, and went on an exchange program to UCLA. The exchange experience was phenomenal and I fell in love with Los Angeles, so I decided to transfer to the University of Southern California, which is also located in Los Angeles, but a rivalry private university to UCLA. After two years at USC, I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Mathematics, and graduated with summa cum laude (GPA > 3.9/4.0). After USC, I attended Stanford University and completed a Master of Science in Management Science and Engineering.

I am currently working as an associate in the project execution team of a real estate private equity company headquartered in Los Angeles.





My name is Artem and I came to New Zealand from Russia about 10 months ago. I am in pre-IB and next year I’m going to start the IB Diploma.
I came to New Zealand because it is an English-speaking country and English is an international language. Another reason is that New Zealand is more affordable than other countries and the level of education here is high. Also New Zealand is a safe and peaceful country with beautiful nature.
I chose ACG Senior College because it’s one of the main schools in Auckland that does offer the IB diploma. I prefer IB because it allows you to do 6 different subject areas and when you complete your studies you can choose any profession or subject at university. So there’s no pressure.
What I like the most about ACG Senior College is that the teachers really care about what I’m learning. If you don’t understand something the teacher will explain it to you in a different way until you get it.
There are different extra-curricular activities available as well. I’m in the soccer team. We normally play in the Auckland Domain and have training and games every week. Our team is even in a league with other schools.
After ACG Senior College I’m thinking of studying business or engineering at a university in New Zealand.





I am Angelo from Albania. I came to New Zealand 6 months ago and I am in my second and last term of Pre-IB. Next term I’m starting the IB Diploma.

I considered studying in other countries but ended up choosing New Zealand because it is more affordable. I’m quite happy I am in New Zealand because I think it’s the best. It’s an English-speaking country and I wanted to improve my English.

I like that ACG Senior College is quite international. Since coming here I’ve met students from Russia, China and New Zealand. Most students at my previous school were Albanian. I’m in pre-IB right now and I like that the programme gives you more time to think about your future by giving you more options in terms of subjects. Also, in pre-IB you learn about what you’re going to go through in IB. I also get to take language classes like Spanish and French. I find physics very interesting too.

As an extra-curricular activity I’m doing little librarian once a week. At the moment I’m not doing any sports but I think I will start next term. I am interested in swimming, badminton and tennis.

I like Economics and I’m planning to take it as a subject next term. I also speak 4 languages so I can be a translator. After I finish school I’m planning to go to a New Zealand university.










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