ACG Senior College student for a day

Come and try a day at school before you enrol! Join in classes with our students with your individual timetable and experience the difference for yourself.



In 2009, we decided to offer prospective students the opportunity to "Be a Senior College Student for the Day". This has proven to be a popular method of decision making and we make this available to anyone, at any time.

How it works

Contacting us on +64 09 307 4477, enables parents or students to book a day to come in to experience the College. We ask the following:

  • The year level you wish to see.
  • The subjects you are interested in seeing. This can be up to 10 subjects in a day.
  • Anything outside of the classroom you wish to experience.
  • Does the student know anyone already in the College? If they do, we organise for this person to pick up the student for break and lunch. If they do not, we ask the student's interests and aim to find a student who is similar to take them to break and lunch.

This visit can be organised with a day's notice. On the day, we ask that students arrive at approximately 8.25am. We discuss the timetable and then take the student to the class. They return to Level 4 at the start of every period so that a senior manager or our PA can take them to the next class and introduce them.

All teachers have been notified that a visitor is coming. As this is not unusual, students in those classes are welcoming. Bringing paper and pens is advisable if a student is to take part.

We do not hold guided tours of the College on designated days. We are happy for visitors to see the College at any time

Generally, parents who come in with their son/daughter who is spending a day with us, take up the offer of a tour of the College so that they can see how it functions on a normal school day. If students wish to go on this tour and then go to classes, they are most welcome. At the end of the day, we meet briefly with the student and their parents if they are there to discuss the day and provide any further assistance

We hope that people take up this opportunity and we look forward to welcoming you.


ACG Senior College We are pleased to announce the appointment of Tracey Dykstra as Principal from 1 November:
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ACG Senior College

Address: 66 Lorne Street
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Phone:+64 9 307 4477