School Tuition Fees

Enrolment Fees


Enrolment Acceptance Fee 

No fee is required to register an application.

A non-refundable enrolment acceptance fee of NZ$900 is payable to reserve any place offered at the College in Years 1 to 10. This payment is NZ$475 for students entering the College at Years 11 to 13.

  • No fee is required to register an application.
  • No building development levy or bond is charged by ACG Strathallan.


Tuition Fees 2015

Years 1 to 6:

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$14,570 NZ$14,570
Three Instalments  NZ$4,922 NZ$14,766
Nine Instalments NZ$1,669 NZ$15,021


Years 7 to 10:

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$17,030 NZ$17,030
Three Instalments  NZ$5,754 NZ$17,262
Nine Instalments NZ$1,951 NZ$17,559


Years 11 to 13:

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$17,840 NZ$17,840
Three Instalments  NZ$6,030 NZ$18,090
Nine Instalments NZ$2,044 NZ$18,396

Click here to download the ACG Strathallan Information and Application Form.


International Students

Year Levels 2015 Tution Fees
Years 1 to 6 NZ$18,500 per year
Years 7 to 13 NZ$22,660 per year

No enrolment acceptance fee is required as this is included in the tuition fees payment. A registration fee of NZ$300 is payable once only. 

Click here
to download the Information and Application Form (International students).


Preschool Rates 2015

Junior and Senior Centres
(aged two years and over):

Attendance            Annual Fee   Three Instalments
(per instalment)
Ten Instalments
(per instalment)
Senior: Children aged from 3 years to 5 years (eligible for the 20 Hours ECE once a signed Attestation Form has been received)
5 days per week  NZ$7,889 ($161) NZ$2,673 ($164) NZ$831 ($170)
4 days per week  NZ$5,831 ($119) NZ$1,971 ($121) NZ$610 ($125)
3 days per week NZ$3,626 ($74) NZ$1,253 ($77) NZ$393 ($81)
2 days per week NZ$2,401 ($49) NZ$836 ( $51) NZ$262 ($54)
1 day per week NZ$1,176 ($24) NZ$417 ($26) NZ$131 ($27)
Junior: Children aged from 2 years to 3 years
5 days per week NZ$12,348 ($252) NZ$4198 ($257) NZ$1,294 ($264)
4 days per week NZ$10,241 ($209) NZ$3475 ($213) NZ$1,068 ($218)
3 days per week NZ$7,644 ($156) NZ$2,607 ($160) NZ$801 ($163)
2 days per week NZ$5,096 ($104) NZ$1,738 ($107) NZ$534 ($109)
1 day per week NZ$2,548 ($52) NZ$869 ($53) NZ$268 ($55)


Preschool Enrolment Acceptance Fee

A $200 enrolment acceptance fee is payable to reserve a place at ACG Strathallan Preschool. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid within the time specified in the letter of offer and before a child commences classes. It is additional to tuition fees.

The enrolment acceptance fee will be deducted from a Primary enrolment acceptance fee when the child transitions. The enrolment acceptance fee cannot be transferred from one ACG School to another.


Infant Centre
(infants aged from three months up to two years):

Attendance        Annual Fee   Three Instalments
(per instalment)
Nine Instalments
(per instalment)
5 days per week    NZ$13,475($275) NZ$4,593 ($281) NZ$1,420 ($290)
4 days per week NZ$11,221 ($229) NZ$3,810 ($233) NZ$1,169 ($239)
3 days per week NZ$8,824 ($172) NZ$2,857 ($175) NZ$876 ($179)
2 days per week NZ$5,586 ($114) NZ$1,905 ($117) NZ$585 ($120)
1 day per week NZ$2,793 ($57) NZ$952 ($58) NZ$292 ($60)
5 x ½ days per week  NZ$8,134 ($166) NZ$2,757 ($169) NZ$851 ($174)
4 x ½ days per week  NZ$6,615 ($135)    NZ$2,272 ($139) NZ$706 ($144)
3 x ½ days per week NZ$4,949 ($101) NZ$1,704 ($104) NZ$529 ($108)
2 x ½ days per week NZ$3,283 ($67) NZ$1,137 ($70) NZ$353 ($72)
1 x ½ days per week NZ$1,666 ($34) NZ$568 ($35) NZ$176 ($36)

Click here  to download the ACG Strathallan Preschool Enrolment Information and Application Form.

(All fees quoted are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST.)


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