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This term the year 4-6 are going to perform a production called The Lion King Jr which is based off The Lion King movie made by Disney. We have planned to have Zebras, Hyenas, Nala, Simba, Mufasa, Sarabi, and all of those other characters. We will even have all of the songs that are in the movie.

Hello my name is Arjun Sharma and I am in y6 of ACG Strathallan. This year we are attending a camp set up by the school, we are going to Papamoa and doing lots of exciting activities.

Primary Swimming

The crowd waited in silence as the first swimmers readied them-selves on the diving boards... We waited. Clap! The silence broke with the crowd cheering and chanting names, with the swimmer's neck to neck in a fast racing manner; That's what I thought our swimming sports was like.


PrEP stands for Primary Enterprise Programme. This programme prepares primary children for the business world. At ACG Strathallan School, the seniors (years 4-6) make products while the juniors (years 0-3) buy the products on the day that they get sold.


Today has been a wonderful day. The Year five and six students were joined by Te Hihi School and Ardmore School students to learn about and experience a few of the many things that are part of the Chinese Culture.

Netball Year 2

The junior school were so excited to have Counties Manukau teach them some netball skills.

They learnt to do a chest pass and spent a lot of time practising this. These boys are doing a great job of it.

Wearable Arts 2016 pink

30th June was Wearable Arts for the Primary School. We worked many hours creating our garments with pride. Ranging from past to future, the children had given up their lunch breaks to create their pieces. Year 3’s created stylish masks, Year 4’s made colourful hats and Year 5-6’s created full unique garments.

Grandparents Day 1


On the 11th of May 2016 it was Grandparent’s Day at ACG Strathallan. At the beginning of Grandparent’s Day all the students gathered in the hall. The grandparents have taken time off work, or their holiday to see this mini concert.

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