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Victory for Strathallan Year 6 Relay swimmers

Year Six Freestyle

Samantha Wallace, Scarlet Boxall-Hunt, Lochlan Spence, Levi Matches won the Year Six Freestyle Relay event and were presented with the George Keown Trophy. 


A group of twenty-one swimmers represented Strathallan at the Inter School Swimming competition on Wednesday 23rd March at Massey Park Pools. It was a cold and wet day but this did not stop our swimmers from taking to the water and swimming their best.


Levi Matches, Scarlet Boxall- Hunt, Samantha Wallace and Lochlan Spence swam in the year six freestyle relay event. It was the final event of the day. Year six swimmers from eight different schools competed in this event. They all lined up at the edge of the pool, “Swimmers ready, take your marks! Clap!” and they were off. Samantha immediately took the lead, Lochlan dived in and maintained the lead giving Scarlet a comfortable head start for the third length. She widened the gap even further and Levi dived in to finish the race with a clear win for the team. The chanting and cheering from our Strathallan supporters vibrated throughout the stadium.
Afterwards we asked the team to share their experience of the day.

Q: What was the highlight for you, Lochlan?
A: When I swam my length ahead of everyone, giving Scarlet a good lead start.

Q: Levi, How did you feel swimming the last length of the relay?
A: I felt really proud that I was swimming last. I managed to keep the lead and we won the race.

Q: Samantha, what did it feel like starting the race?
A: I felt a lot of pressure getting to the end first so that I could put the team in the lead from the start.
These swimmers, as well as the other seventeen year five and six students, swam the individual fifty metre length races. Scarlet felt that her personal highlight of the day was being able to finish a full length of butterfly because that is not her strong stroke. Levi was very excited that he and his friend from Cosgrove swam the fifty metre freestyle event and both finished in 44 seconds.
It was an exciting day filled with amazing team spirit and support from the swimmers and their family and friends. All swimmers did Strathallan proud.




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