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The programme at ACG Strathallan Preschool provides the basis for the acquisition of basic skills in numeracy and literacy and prepares for successful learning experiences in the future.

ACG Strathallan Preschool

For most children learning is a pleasurable experience.

The Preschool programme reinforces and builds on this natural inclination to learning by offering varied, stimulating and enjoyable learning experiences.


Infant Pre-school

The focus in this area is on ensuring the wellbeing of the infants and encouraging them to feel a sense of belonging. The staff works closely with parents to introduce children to what is often the first time outside their home. We introduce the foundations of learning by providing a stimulating environment which encourages children to attempt new and exciting activities while in a safe area. Staff and families contribute to a Portfolio charting the progress of each child which ensures that we are achieving the goals set for the children.


Junior Pre-school

The Junior Pre-school curriculum focuses on helping children to learn the social skills of independence and getting on with others inside and outside the family. Children are encouraged to learn the self-reliance and self-help skills which prepare for the wider world by being involved in Family Play, Manipulative and Creative Play and experiencing our wonderful outdoor playground area. All children are also offered the opportunity to be included in group mat times and mealtimes as well as smaller group play.


Senior Pre-school

The Senior Pre-school provides children with the fundamental skills required to succeed at Primary School. Since oral language is the basis of literacy, there is an emphasis on language-based activities that provide opportunities for thinking, problem solving and experimenting.

The organisation of Preschool life is developed with structured periods spent in small group work on Literacy and Numeracy. During these times children are encouraged to participate fully in learning with their peers. Other times in the day are set aside for free play and individual creative expression while learning new skills and improving on others.

Staff plan for the children's learning using the models provided by Te Whariki, the Ministry of Education's Early Childhood Curriculum and Kei tua o Te Pae, the Narrative Assessment, using Learning stories to provide a 'where to now' for individual children. All children and their families have the opportunity to contribute to their portfolios at any time.

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