• Enthusiastic teachers are the key to a successful school education.
  • ACG Strathallan employs experienced and specialist teachers.
  • It rewards top performers.
  • It seeks to retain capable and committed teachers.
  • Appraisal and development programmes for staff are in place.



Principal Profile: Robin Kirkham 


Mr Robin KirkhamContact Staff Envelope Principal
Mr Michael BalchinContact Staff Envelope Deputy Principal
Mrs Robyn PryorContact Staff Envelope Deputy Principal
Mrs Jane Hollier                                                                                                  Contact Staff Envelope Assistant Principal     
Kat Wymer Contact Staff Envelope PA to the Executive Principal


Teaching Staff 2017

Mr Robin Kirkham                                 
Contact Staff Envelope
Executive Principal  / Drama
Ms Janey Abercromby janey.abercromby@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Art
Mr David Armstrong David.Armstrong@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Physical Education and Health, Science
Mr David Ashley David.Ashley@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope English
Ms Gillian Ayliffe Gillian.Ayliffe@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Dean Year 10 (T/A) & 11 / Biology, Science
Mr Michael Balchin Michael.Balchin@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Mathematics
Mr Neil Baxter Neil.Baxter@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope History, Social Science
Mr Simon Benge              Contact Staff Envelope Science, Physics, Chemistry
Miss Ginny Bourke Ginny.Bourke@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Spanish
Miss Lisa Clark Lisa.Clark@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Biology, Science
David Dearman David.Dearman@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope English
Mrs Elaine Fleet Elaine.Fleet@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope English, Drama
Mr Hugo Fourie Hugo.Fourie@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Mathematics
Ms Virginia Frontán   Contact Staff Envelope Spanish
Mrs Christine Godding Christine.Godding@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Mathematics
Dr Katherine Greenley Katherine.Greenley@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Physics, Chemistry
Ms Sophia Grobler Sophia.Grobler@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope International Dean / Accounting / ICT
Mrs Suzanne Hamilton Suzanne.Hamilton@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Biology, Science
Mrs Sue Hibberd Susan.Hibberd@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Mathematics
Mrs Jane Hollier Jane.Hollier@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Assistant Principal / Mathematics
Mr Matthew Humber Matthew.Humber@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Dean Year 9 & 10 (SH) / Design & Technology / ICT
Ms Freya Jenner Freya.Jenner@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope English


Mr Shane Laing Shane.Laing@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Classical Studies, History, Social Science, Physical Education
Mrs Sally Lee Sally.Lee@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Chinese
Mrs Michelle Le Vesconte
Contact Staff Envelope
Design & Technology, Physical Education
Ms Rebecca Llewellyn Rebecca.Llewellyn@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Dean Year 12 & 13 / Physics
Miss Yu-Mei Lin Yu-Mei.Lin@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Chinese
Mr David Lowe David.Lowe@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Physical Education
Miss Catriona MacDonald Catriona.Macdonald@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Social Science, Geography, Science
Mrs Gaelene Manuel Gaelene.Manuel@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Art
Dr Heather Meyer heather.meyer@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope English
Mrs Sally Nichol Sally.Nichol@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Physical Education, Science
Mrs Joanne Palmer Joanne.Palmer@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Photography, Art
Mr Tony Parker Tony.Parker@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope ESOL
Mr Kevin Pengelly Kevin.Pengelly@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Geography, History, Mathematics, Social Science
Mrs Anne Patel Anne.Patel@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Mathematics
Mrs Robyn Pryor Robyn.Pryor@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Deputy Principal / English
Mrs Kirsta Rabulall Krista.Rabulall@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Mathematics
Mr Andrew Reid Andrew.Reid@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Computing, ICT
Mrs Deliah Reuben Deliah.Reuben@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope ESOL, English
Ms Heather Revell-Knighton Heather.Revell-Keys@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Music
Mr Christopher Scott Christopher.Scott@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope ESOL, Social Science
Mr David Sefton David.Sefton@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Business Studies, Global Perspectives, Thinking Skills
Mrs Klaudia Severn Klaudia.Severn@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Business Studies, ICT
Mrs Anita Sima Anita.Sima@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope English
Mr Rakesh Singh Rakesh.Singh@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Aspire Dean / Economics
Clinton Thomas Clinton.Thomas@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Dean Year 7 & 8/ Mathematics
Mr Bruce Wilson Bruce.Wilson@acgedu.comContact Staff Envelope Music


Support Staff

Mr Peter Askin

Property Officer

Mrs Jane Balchin

Careers Adviser

Mrs Joan Bennett 

Information Centre Manager

Mrs Sheryn Botherway

Enrolments Executive

Mrs Angela Christie

Sports Assistant

Mr Martin Driver 

Property Maintenance Assistant

Mrs Karen Fromont

Sports Coordinator

Mr Jan Grobler

Car Park Attendant

Mrs Tracey Henderson

Office Manager

Mrs Karen Hill

Accounts Manager

Mrs Jo McNally

Special Education Needs Coordinator

Mr Jacob Pointon

IT Technician

Mrs Margot Ross

Accommodation Officer

Mrs Penny Stafford-Bush

Literacy Support

Mrs Lorraine Vickers

Literacy Support

Mr Graham Williams

Cambridge Chief Exam Invigilator

Mrs Jeanette Wooles                                             

Attendance Officer

Mrs Pauline Young

Laboratory Technician



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