The Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme

Your University Pathway begins at ACG

Thank you for your interest in the Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme.
You have made a wise choice in selecting Victoria University as your destination for university studies in Wellington, New Zealand.

Qualifying for admission to Victoria University through the Foundations Studies Programme will put you on a clear pathway to the degree of your choice.

The programme prepares you for entry into Victoria University undergraduate degrees. The goal of the programme is to ensure that you not only meet the entry requirements, but that you are fully prepared for the challenges of the degree of your choice.

The curriculum develops your subject knowledge and skills as well as your entrepreneurial enterprise, leadership and team skills.

ACG offers you:
• Qualified, caring and experienced teachers
• A supportive and personalised learning environment
• A tutor who helps you to set high standards and develop your achievement goals

The Victoria Foundation Studies programme is flexible, taking 6, 8 or 12 months to complete (two, three or four terms), depending on your academic background and level of English.

On behalf of ACG, I welcome you to the Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme and look forward to your successful completion of your foundation studies at ACG.


Mark Haines
Executive Principal


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