An exceptional learning community

ACG Schools has preschools and schools across three countries.  With more than 4,700 students of every age and level, our 625 employees are dedicated to helping them unleash their potential and build brighter futures.

Early childhood education, providing learning foundations

Our supportive and nurturing early childhood centres help children gain confidence, life skills and the educational foundations they need to successfully transition to primary school. Our New Zealand Early Learning Schools and Preschools combine ACG’s philosophy with Te Whāriki – the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum.

Independent schools, world-class education

Our independent schools in New Zealand, Vietnam and Indonesia provide a holistic, student-centred approach to learning in a stimulating and secure environment. Our globally-recognised curricula and qualifications ensure students are provided with a wide range of university and career choices.

Outstanding academic results

ACG School students are consistently top in the country with their academic results. In 2022 ACG School students received 32 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, including Top in World and Top in New Zealand across a range of subjects.

The awards recognise the best-performing learners in New Zealand and around the world.

Our four New Zealand schools received:

  • 10 Top in the World
  • 14 Top in New Zealand
  • 1 Top IGCSE student in NZ
  • 1 Top A-Level student in NZ
  • Best Across Five (Top IGCSE student in New Zealand)

ACG Schools are proud to have so many students achieve outstanding results year and year.

Building brighter futures

Academic excellence is the central focus at our schools, supported by a culture of inclusivity and care. Each school, while different in style and approach, shares a common goal: to help every student achieve their potential.

Whichever ACG school you choose, your child will receive the highest level of education from teachers who are leaders in their fields, delivering an internationally recognised curriculum.

Our student-centred approach to education means that we believe student wellbeing and personal development are of equal importance to academic progress. Our sports, arts and technology programmes provide a balance to academic life and ensure students develop as well rounded, confident individuals with a wide range of abilities.

Our commitment to building bright futures has driven our successful growth from a single school in 1995 to six schools around the world today. Each school has a strong track record in delivering outstanding education alongside a quintessential ‘Kiwi’ school experience. Students get every opportunity to ‘future-proof’ themselves for the modern world with internationally recognised qualifications and essential skills for success.

  • ACG Parnell Early Learning School
  • ACG Remuera Early Learning School
  • ACG Strathallan Early Learning School
  • ACG Sunderland Early Learning School
  • ACG Tauranga Early Learning School
  • Penguins School of Early Learning
  • Zig Zag Zoo

our preschools

  • ACG Parnell College
  • ACG Strathallan
  • ACG Sunderland
  • ACG Tauranga

our schools

  • ACG School Jakarta
  • Australian International School, Vietnam
  • European International School Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

our international schools

Our values

The values of ACG Schools are underpinned by a commitment to see our students succeed in every facet of their lives.

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Our leader

Diverse skill sets and breadth of expertise help maintain operational excellence.

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Our goal is excellence in all that we do – we employ people who share our values and can contribute to enriching and invigorating our programmes.

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