Make your application process easier

To make it simpler for international students to apply for study in New Zealand, we work with a number of highly-regarded education agents based in NZ and around the world. These agents help students make their application and give them comprehensive, up-to-date information about studying in New Zealand.

Students are not required to use an agent for their application to study at ACG Schools, but it can make the process easier. An agent can help students choose a course of study, and assist with other important choices and with filling out application forms.

Students and their families can meet agents and ACG Schools team members at education expos. They can give students a better idea of what studying in New Zealand is like.

Choosing your course

Agents can help by providing up-to-date information about options for study in New Zealand. This helps students make an informed choice about which path they should take to achieve their goals, and whether they meet the English language requirements.

Taking care of important details

Agents will liaise with ACG Schools on your behalf to make sure all documents and details are in order. They will also help students with other essentials for living in New Zealand, including applying for a student visa, getting travel insurance and finding accommodation.

Professional, transparent and confidential

All the agents who work with us meet high standards of professionalism, transparency and confidentiality. They must comply with the principles and standards in the New Zealand Code for the Pastoral Care of International Students, the New Zealand Education Code of Practice, the London Statement of Principles and the New Zealand Privacy Act.

Become an agent

If you would like to become an ACG Schools agent, please fill in the contact form below and we will be in touch.

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