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Learning Support

Parnell students

When studying overseas, you could face some challenges. Should you need support, ACG has a number of systems in place to help students.

 The Role of the Dean

Deans support the tutors and teaching staff by monitoring attendance and academic progress, and carrying out disciplinary measures. If a teacher has a concern about a student, they talk to their tutor in the first instance, with the dean being the next person to join the conversation. Teachers, tutors and deans remain in close contact for the benefit of the student.

International Student Support

International student support officers can help students with accommodation, health, course guidance and pathway options, and administration issues such as visa renewals, banking and insurance.

Tutors at ACG Pathways

Students studying at ACG Pathways will be assigned a tutor to look after their academic and pastoral needs.

Tutors monitor attendance, punctuality and general progress and welfare. Poor attendance and poor punctuality are often a sign that a student may be struggling, and these matters are treated very seriously.

Over a term students have two formal interviews with their tutor. Tutors may schedule additional interviews if there is need, or at the student’s request. Students may also seek independent advice from other teachers, but the tutor is still responsible for academic and welfare needs.

The tutor group – working alongside others

Tutors have two main areas of responsibility:

  • academic oversight of a student’s programme
  • being the first point of contact when you need advice

They may help with initial career advice, talk through challenges, identify who to ask for help, check on progress and generally take an interest in the welfare of the student.

If a student is struggling academically, the tutor will provide general guidance. At the end of the first report the tutor makes a comment about performance and provides advice on next steps.