Welcome to New Zealand, a beautiful, unique, and exciting place to live and study.

New Zealand culture is a unique and diverse blend of European and Maori traditions, alongside influences from Polynesia, Asia and elsewhere.

Manaakitanga – a Maori word which loosely translates as hospitality – sums up the welcoming spirit of New Zealand. Most New Zealanders offer visitors this hospitality, generosity and respect.

During a Kiwi study experience, students will be able to make social connections and business contacts that they’ll treasure forever. They will form lifelong friendships with new and interesting people from New Zealand and around the world.

Students who choose homestay accommodation will interact with their host family. Meeting their neighbours and friends is a positive way to experience the New Zealand way of life and improve spoken English at the same time.

Choose your lifestyle

ACG has well-equipped campuses in Auckland and Tauranga. Students can choose the setting that best suits them – whether that means a familiar environment or something new.

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Getting around

Most New Zealand cities are relatively compact, which makes travel easy. Students and families can get around the smaller towns by cycling or walking. There are good bus networks in the main cities (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin), and Auckland and Wellington have commuter trains and ferries.