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07 • 11 • 2017
ACG Schools

Bird-themed production to raise money for charity

Rehearsals are underway for ACG Sunderland’s primary school production, ‘For the Birds!’

Numerous authors and producers have given permission for their books and music to be transformed into the native-bird themed school musical, which will raise money for NZ Forest and Bird.

Preschool and Year 1 students are focusing their attention on the fantail, telling its story through song, poetry and music.

Year 2 will act out the story 12 Huia Birds by Julian Stokoe. Stokoe will be attending the premiere of the play.

Janet Martin’s Louie the Tui will be brought to life by Year 3. Martin’s husband will record the young musicians singing the theme tune from the book.

Years 4, 5 and 6 will present Fatcat Fishface’s brilliant and quirky album Birdbrain. The album’s producer Robin Nathan will be in the audience watching what happens when you turn an album into a musical.

With almost 120 children involved from preschool to Year 5, and props, scenery and costumes all made from recycled or re-used materials, pulling the show together is no mean feat. ACG Sunderland music teacher Daniel O’Connor said it was heartening to see the stories now coming to life.

“It is a lot of hard work. So many kids, so many essential little parts that all need to fit into the giant jigsaw puzzle. Staying focused on one activity for a long time is tricky for some of the young ones, but there are moments when I hear singing or see dancing or great comedic acting and I go – yes, this is definitely worth it.”

He said students will gain a lot from being involved.

“Conservation is something we can’t be complacent about. I’m really hoping that the students will now be much more aware of the unique birdlife we have in NZ. And that they will care about protecting it. I also hope they have a lot of fun with their time on stage in the spotlight!”

For the Birds!
ACG Sunderland primary production 2017
Tuesday, November 21, 1.30pm
Wednesday, November 22, 5.30pm
Thursday, November 23, 5.30pm

Tickets are available from ACG Sunderland reception until 10 November.