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Exceptional A-Level success

The spotlight is once again focused on ACG Schools and our strong academic record after our students received a perfect A-Level pass rate in the recent Cambridge International exams.
Exceptional A-Level success – our students continue to thrive on the international stage

Senior students from ACG schools have just received confirmation of their final A-Level marks for 2022 – and the results are outstanding!

Our schools are celebrating another year of exceptional academic accomplishment, with A-Level students achieving a perfect pass rate.

  • 100% A-Level pass rate at all ACG NZ schools

2022 has proven to be another phenomenal year for ACG Schools, with exemplary student performances across mathematics, science, music, languages, technology, the arts and humanities. 

Of particular note is the remarkable number of A* and A grades received.

  • 49% of ACG papers were awarded A* and A grades (80% and above)

As the number of Cambridge International students continues to increase worldwide, achieving top outcomes is becoming ever more challenging. With that in mind, these results are a remarkable tribute not only to the school and its dedicated teaching staff but also to our students and their incredibly supportive families.

ACG Schools CEO Clarence van der Wel believes this success reflects the efforts and commitment of the entire school community and highlights the connecting links between them.

"We pride ourselves on providing world-class educational opportunities across all ACG schools. Our students are highly motivated and passionate about learning, and their enthusiasm, hard work and determination are clearly reflected in their 2022 results. Through the strength of our teaching and the backing of the wider ACG community, we continue to see our students succeed now and in the future.”

The Cambridge International Curriculum is much broader than many national curriculums, offering invaluable structure, heritage and transportability. Students enjoy using knowledge and content to build understanding rather than learning foundations built on skills alone, which ensures they are well-prepared to take on post-secondary study.
Accordingly, previous ACG graduates have gone on to study at top universities in New Zealand and around the world.

About Cambridge
Setting a global standard for education, the Cambridge International Curriculum is now taught to almost a million learners, in over 10,000 schools, across 160 countries. Cambridge qualifications are accepted by every UK university, by 600 universities in the US (including all Ivy League colleges) and in many other major student destinations, such as Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands.